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Fashionable Soul-saving

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We often wonder, 6ys a writer in the Richmond Whig, whore the poor go to shurch. When our blessed Lord delivered that matchlees addresa on the ■'Mount," we cannot conoeive of the possibilitj of there buiug any chango. Those prooiousutterances - "ISlessed are the poor in spirit ," "Blesgod are the poor in heart ;" "Blessed are the ptaoemaksrs" - flowed from those divine lijs fiee as tho bounteoua air, laviah as the all-porvading light. And bo we can itnagiue the proto martjr Stepheu proclaiming, not onlj beforo the Sanhcdrim but to all the people of Jorusalera, without motiey and without prica, "Ilowbeit the Most High dwelleth uut in temples raade with hands." There would be Bocnethiug shocking to our deas of the loftincss and elevalion maintained by the early missioauries of the Cross to assooiate with their proaoliingsuoh athiog aa "roíerved soa'.g or a "drese circlo. And yet we have tlieso things in our modern churchas. Tbore are particular churches wbich are reoogninod as "fashionabie." Thore is no neod tboro to apprehenü anything that will shock tlio most thorough-brud person. Poople are expeotod to be woll, il not elcgantly dressed. Tho latest boncet, the mest dazzling silks seleot them as tbe fittest theaior lor their exhibiti n. Of course these privileges haTe to be paid for. Tha "bogt people" are to be (uund in a corlíiiu portion of the cbureb. People wlio have large families and small inooiues get pews uear the door aud to tho rigbt aud left of the side aisles. People who hare uo iueomes - thoy sit in the gallory, or, u-ost likely, stuy at homo. It is positively an expensive thing to hoar the gospel preacbed in our oities. It isa matter of som n surprise to us that souie of the most attraotive city ohurches do not set tho ex ampie of oharging an admission fee - gay a dallar a head. People who h;ive money are, we take it, just as willing to spend it at church as ut the theater, for the same entertainment. It would, at all events, be a good idea to combine the two features of reuted pews and the sale of ticket for f-ingle performance. Strangors - witb money of course - often want to go to church and do not wish to intrude into a privato box - and suoh are perfcctly -williiig to pay sevonty-five cents or one dollar to hear good music and seo the elite ol tho city. Tliore is another rooommoadation we would mako to tlic churcli, which is this: Wo would reoommend to them to build a number of free cburobes in the plaia quarterH of every considerable town for the use of the masses of the people. There are plenty of peoplo with souls to be saved who nover hava a chanoe under the present system. They have no where to sit, or, if they have, they have no fine clothes. Tbey are not williDg, whon they go to church, to be reminded that they belong to the poor people. The ohuroh i no distiaction of olass'.-s. It is a dead lovol.


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