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The Iron Bar

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A bar of iroD, worth Cve 'dollarf, worked iuto horse shoea, U vvörth ten dollars and fifty cents ; made ïuto needies it ie worth three hundred and fifty-five dollars ; made iiito penknife blades, it is worth ihree thousaad two hundred and eighty-fivo dollars ; raade into balance gprings of watchee, it is worth two huadred and fifty thousand dollars. What a drilling the poor bar must undergo to reach all that. Gut, hammered and beatón and pounded and rolled ind polished, how was its vf.lue incrcased I Jt might well have quivered and complained under the hard kuocks itgot; but were they not all neceseary to draw out its fine qualities, and fit it fcr higber offices? And so, chiKiron, all the drilÜDg and training to which you are subjected in yonth, and which ofien seera so hard to you, f-evve to bring out your nobler and fiuer qualities, acd fit yuu for inore respoDfible posta aud greatcr usefulocss ia the world. Every plain girl Las ono consolation ; though not a pretty young lady, will, if eho Uves, be a pretty old oue.


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