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Ia the Senate, ou Saturday last, Mr. Emerbon, from the committee on judiciary, roported a substituto for "a bilí to próvido for the appoiotment of a circuit court reporter, and for the publication and distribution of the reporta of the decisions of the circuit cotir'.s," and recommonded its passage. Thia, we take ït, is the Brown Nisi Prius "job" by a iiew name. Of what earthly valuo the diverse and contradictory deciiions of sixteen circuit court judges will bo,cither to "the profcssion" or the poo{ Ie, ie more thau we can toll - "or a;y other man." Theso decisions arenot Gnal,nor ajnding apcm any other court, and to publiah theui und place thom ia tho bands of justices or lawycrs will only make "confusión worse confounded." - In the House, tlie s-ms day, the committee of the whole wns di-cl'argod from the furthfir coasideratioii ot "a bill to anthoriz; boards of supsrvis rs to provide for tho purc'.ioso of Brows's Michigan Nisi Pt'ira Roporte," ai.d the same was placeil on the order of third rcading. A bill to fur-.ï h 'Tray, Blancho and Swectheart" each with a new tail would be aboui as ."ensiblü and proStable. Tbc majorty of opiüiony published in tliose ropii ts yj cMiipuratively worthless, boca'.sj of icferior courts, not fina!, and not agreeing ench wlth tho oth er. 1 11 fict, o are alvisjd that in a single recent number, t;:efa!ne dentioal question was daoided iu diamotrioally ODDOsito wavs, - bv two different juáiícsj of coüt'se. - We sugg st the publica' ion and eirculation, nt the pubüo expenso, of tho decisión ia the courta of (local) chiefjustice McKhknan and ussoeiate justice Sessions. Tho "woraan suffragists" invnded both Houscs on tbc 3d. The iuimediate cause of the raid was the presentaüon of the following resolution, adoptcd by a convention just dosing ts labors at Lansing : To the Honorable, the Stmate and House of Iiepresentatives of the State of Michigan : We, the meinbers of the Michigan State Woman's SuflVnge Associatlon, In Convention assemblee.!, respect f ully request your honorable body to pass a joint resolution stating that in your opiniou the Legisla ture of Michigan, in ratil'ying the 14tb and 15th Amendiiieuts to the Federal Coiistitution annulled all laws of the State denying or abridging the right of women to vote. Mrs Latiikop, of Jackson, mude a speech in each IIoue, urgiog immediate and unconditional coinpüance with the demanda of the resolution. la the Senate, Mr. Bissnett moved to ustruct the committee on State iffairs to report a joint resolution cunplying with the torms of surrender, whiuh received threc votes. Next day tbo oommittee reported in poetry, the effort giving evidenco that the mashten was not run by "woman righters." In the House, Mrs. L found it hard work to get a hearing, motions to recess and adjourn being considered "privileged questions." But she finally conquered and spoko her piece Tho Tiibune correspondent deprécate the "iocularity" of the honorables, and branda it "unjustifiable and reprehensi ble." The women base their claims to vote on their previous "coudition of servitud'e." Poor dears, we congratúlate thera on being freed-wotnen. Tbe militia bilí, being a bilí providing for uniiorrniug, cquipping, and paviug BOtne thirty independent military coinpanies - lioliday soldiers - at an annua expendo of abcut 50,000, pasaed tht House c-n Thursday of last week, by yeas,54; nnys, 39; was reconsideret on Friday, and after a severo guerrilla skirmish made the special order for yes terday. If it again gets through the House it will probably be killed in the Senate. Wo can not see tho necessity for it, and the "Canada scara1' should not take away tho wits of the Legislature and induce it to inaugúrate a toy standing army. Tho history of the Mexican or of tlie late war does not show tho ar mies filled by the then existing volunteer eompaniea. The fighting voluntaers oame fresh from tho peoplo and not from these "training schoola." 8everal very important bilis, both in their object and theamount of expendituro involved, are pending in tho 8eoate which we have neglectod to noticu. They aro : lst. One for enlarging the insano asylum ; 2d. Providiog for a State reformatory or intermedíate prison ; and'3d. Establiehing a State intitution for the education and care of pauper chjldren. All these institutions are recommended in the very able "Keport of the Special Cornmissioners to examine tho Penal, Reformatory and Charitable Institutions." The first is an absolute necessity, and an appropristion should not be delayed. Besidcs, another insane onylum is talked of, and, if we are not mistaken, has also a pending bill. The eecond, or "reformatory," is dosigned for the harder class of boys now in the "Reform Sohool," the younger and less hardened olass now gent to tho Siate prison, and for all row sentenced, on oOBviotion, to the county jails. Thero s no (juestion that such on ítieiltutíoo ís s desirable, onl wo thiuk a Recesaity. The piUon is r.ow futí, nnd tho couuty ails should ncver be usjd cxeep íor tl;e dotention of prisoners waiting trial, witnespcs who are not to be depei djd upon whea wnnted, etc. A convioted orim lal stiould tot bo permittet-1 association with [persona waiting trial, nor stmuld je coufinod one, tbreo, bíx i r ninc moniLa d absolute idlencss. All puoIi shuuld 50 to soiue reformatory, house of correction or otlicr placo where they oaa be uiade to labor. ïbe State school or home for pauper children will come Fomer or later. Tbey can be thus provided with bornes, suppoited, (ducated, and taught to support tliemselves, cheaper than thtij are now kept in exitiene in eounly poor house. Such au nstitution will be ooe of tho doMeHt cbarities of our Stato. It is proposed to sell the location of these several institutions to competiug towDB and cities. Jackson and Grand Rápida aro bidding and lobbying for the intermedíate prison ; Adrián wanls the pauper children Bchool íor the "Haviland Home" in "tho valley ;" nnd Holly is a bidder íor tho proposed new insane asylum. Now, we believe that it is the true polioy of the State to lócate (hese several inslitutions at Lansing. Supported entirely by tho monoy of the peoplo thoy sbould be located so tbat the Legislature raay look after and supervise thena without adjourning for n week and sonding out travelirg committecs. Ohio has sut an examplo in concentrating her penal and charitablo institutions worthy of being followed. Michigan having no capital located adopted the scattering plan, but it should be pursued no further. Publio offiers and citizens now have to go over tho hole State to visit and do business at the State instttuticns and it seems to us time to inaugúrate r chaugo. Let the new institutious be loeated at the capital. - Except to avoid a charge of having a local ax to griud, we would venturo a suggestion that the Stato could make money and subserve her educational interests by tnuking the Agricultural Collego a department oí the Uuiversity, transferring it and its land grant to thc care of tho Regenta, aud taking the farm and buildings for the proposed school and home for pauper ohildren. So we ouly put this "little flea:l in tho ear ol some disinterested Senator or Representativo - if thero be one who don't represent a constituenoy of bidders. In the Senate, on Tuesday, two bilis, one, "a bill to establish a Stato board of correction3 and oharities," acd tbe othcr, "a bill to provide for the appoiut ment of a board of conimissionerB for the general supervisión of penal, pauper, and reforraatory institutions, nnd defining their dutios and powers," were taken frotn tho committee of the whole and made the special order for to day, at 2 o'clock i'. m. Tbe Tribune correspondent saya that the latter bill is tho one likely to be passed. It is in acoordance with th recommendation of the comini.-'sioncrs to examine into our penal, reformatory, and charifcable institutions, whoee report is referred to in another par.igraph. We hnve no meana of knowing its specific provisions. The House bill repealing the county drainage law and abolisbing the office of county commissioner, was set hack in tho Senate on Tuesday, the committee ol tho wbolo reoommooding that it be referrcd agaiu to the committee on drainage, which was done. It is proposed to hold it until the bill to eucceed it is perfeeted, se tuut fiijíil action may be taken understandingly. Sensible- or once. On Monday, Gov. Baldwin notifiec the House that he had eigued and de posited in the office of the Secretary o State : "An aot making appropriation for the erection of a new (not aa old hall for the University of Michigan.' The Senate ainendments provided for levying a tax to tr.eet the appropriation - designed to keep ''the burden" bofore the people in an onerous dress, and for the presentaron of an estímate and state ment to the Auditor General, sbowin the purpose for vrhich the money is re quired, no raoneys to be drawn except fo materiuls and labor. The Legislature don't mean that the Regents shall buik a 840,000 or 850,000 hall, and otherwis uso the balance of the $75,000. Rigbt The Biiown Nisi Prius bill was defoat ed in the House on Tuesday, by yeas 48 ; nays, 21 ; but was recoosidered am tabled. We fear that esternal pressur will command tbe other thrce votes. Tho Senate, on Wednesday, agreed in committee of tho wbole to "a bill to es tiiblish a State reformatory,'' and or dered it to a third reading. The same day the Houso ordored to a third reading Sonate bill No. 56, "to provide for the eruction of an addition to tbe present asylum of the insane at Kalamazoo, aud for other purposes ;" the otber pur poses, f we mistako not, beicg for the purchnse of lands adjoiniiig tho asylum grounds. The House also cousidered in committee, without conclusión, a bill for the support of the insano aHylum for 1871-2, and appropiiating 80,000 to comineuce building anotber asylum north oí tho line of Lansiug. Tho Free Press correspondent prodicts the passage of the first named and tho loss of tho eecond one. Repokt has it that ex-liepresentative Ortii, of Indiana, has left Washington in disgust as well as indignant. He enginecred a bill through raising tho Berlio mission to the first-elass, on the pretext that the oreation of the Empire had made it a moro responsiblo post, and expected to succeed Mr. Banobof'ï at tho Uourt of William I. But Ghant bas iaformed him of bis determination to reappoint Bancuoft, atid offered him Bi.ow's "old eloos" and the Brazil mission. Ürtii left tho capita! exclaiming : "For ways that are dark, Aud tricks that aru vain,, The huatlieu Chluce is peculiar."


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