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Acceptance Of Mr. Hughes

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1 rio chairman of tbo Demo?ratic State Central Committee has reoeived the following letter from D. Darwin Huoiieb, iccepting the nomination of the Demoiratic State Convention for Justice of the Supreme Court : Burdick IIodse, lúil.-minzo", ILirch 1, 1871. [Ion. W. W. Wheaton.Chairman Democratie State Central Committee : Dkak Sir - I am in receipt of a note from Hon. C. B. Fenton, Secretary of tbe Democratie State Convention lntely held at LansiDg, nforimng me of my nomination as a candidato for the offico of Judge of the Supreme Court, and roquesting me to communicate with you upon the subject. As the duties of the office are purely judicial, H is deemcd proper that I content myself with saying that I appreciate to the fullest extent the honor conferred upon me by this seleotion, and that the nomination is accepted. I am, sir, very trui y yours, D. DARWIN HUGHES. Tiie New Hampshire olection take piuco next Tuesday. lioth partiea hav full tickets ia tho field, froin Governo down to members of Congress The Re publicans being ia power, wiih both th opportuuity nnd disposition to manipu lato electioD boards, returns, etc, hav tbe inside track asida from thcir erna rnajority ; but the Deinocracy have pu up etrong candidatos and are workin hard to win the success they deserve. Thk Senate bill giving the Souther Paolfio Railroad Company 15,000,00 aeres passed the House oo the 3d. Oon gress ia aa generous with the govcrnmen domaia - the people's lands - as with th people's money. At thia rate of pro oeeding the time ia coming, nnd is nea at hand, when tho coucerters will necc stop siuging For Unclo Sara is rich enoogh To ülvc us uil a farm." Tim altentiou of Demócrata, and eb pecially of local committees, is invited t the oall fir a County Conveution to b held on Tuesday, the 21st inst., to nom nato candidatos for County Superintem ent of Schools and Drainage Commissior er. These aro two very important o fices, and theru ahould be a full repro sentation, The Joint High Cominissioa has cotn menced work, and holda sessions duil; lts disciiseion and doterminatioos ar to be kept secret until ofliciully promu gated at the end oí ita laburs, whicli i not auticipated before the middle o April. The quesiioa of the fisberies i being first considered. To Preserve Leather. A writer in the New York Time say the true tra; to treat leather of aa kind, if tbere isdirt on the surface, is t remove it with a wet cloth and soa suds. The leather does not requir drenohiug and saturating with water The surfuco simply needs to ba cloanec Thon, aa f o 'ii as the molture has dis appeared, apply the oil, wbich should b warm. The leather also should be warm when the oil is applied, and should b kept in a warm room until it has drice -in thoroughly. If the interior of th leather ba oooupied with oil water can not enter. There is but little danger o gettiDg too much oleaginous material i the leather. To givo the surface bcautiful gloas, and to exclude grit anc to prevent the leather from appeariog greasy to the touch, apply a coat o leather varnish, matlu of shellac anc alcohol. A half pouud of shellao gum put in a bottle with an ounco ot fiue lamp-black, and one ounoe of gum camphor, and a pint of good alcohol, o euough to cover the gum, if corked tigh and kept in a worm place for a few day will make a cheap and excellent varuis! for leather. But tho interior must b kopt filled with oil, or the varnish wil teud to render the leather hard anc rough. If coarse boots bo kept wel oilod and coverod with a coat of thi kind of varnirih, the leather wi'l remain soft nnd pliable, and will exclude water neaiiy as effectually aa India rubber.


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