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Crops For Clay Lands

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I he Country Gentleman saya : In all seotions adapted to the erop, probably wheat is the best grain erop to grow on clay lands. The strong, well prepared, and well workod clay loams, are amone Aa' best and most productiva wheat Boils ; and few clays are so stubborn tbat underdraining, growing clover and thorough cultivation will not bringthem into a more or less pliable loam. Suidmer fallnwing for wheat also affords a bettcr opportunity to work such soils to the best advantago, as tho best time t( plow, when they will work up fine aud mellow, may be selected. The after cultivation and preparation for the seed, by baving a much longer time thao is pos íible for B[-riog crops, may also be done to better advautage. Winter wheat algo a good erop to seed clover wuh ; and after Btich land is draioed, two or thrce altérnate crops of wheat and clo Ter should bring tho soil in'o good con dition for most cerel crops, Oats also do well on clay land, acd often give large yiclds; but tho tendmicy of the erop is rather to niake thi land harder ihnn otherwise. Peihipf fall plowing for the orop, and lsaving tl e land in n condition to be benefited by fteding - surfaoe draioago having been well atteoded to - may be an exception ; t least it is probable that this is the best way to grow oats on clay soils Heavy clay sous are not adapted to oorn ; but a good deal of good corn u grown on the clay loams. There are al so many of the heavier clay lands that by underdraining and clovering, may be redueed to a loam that will not be bad for corn. It must be a pretty stiff clay tbat, after thorough draioing and !g a ícw crops of clover, with a good vigorouir oiover god turned uudcr in May and tbóroughiy prcparvd, vrill not be ia conditiou to grow good oorr. As a rak, acd in Fections surted to the erop, barley will atiswer whero corn does well. If tbe huid works meüow and don't bake badly, and tbe elover sod turned Dodcr for coru turna up a dark rich mould tbe next gpring, barley eown on ibis p.-epat'.aion ought to do well.


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