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An Unexpected Gift

I have always been a very indecisive person.  Ever since I was little, I never really knew what I wanted for Christmas or my birthday. I was happy with whatever I got. But, there was always one thing that I always wanted, but never got. I wanted a baby brother. Not a brother that would grow up and be an obnoxious teenager, but a baby. In kindergarten we used to write our wishes on a balloon and let it go in the sky so that Santa would know what we wanted. Everyone had long lists asking for dolls, puppies, clothes, and other stuff kids wanted. But every year, I would write A BROTHER in big capital letters. This was before I knew that Santa couldn’t send down a crane holding a basket with the perfect little baby.

But on one Christmas everything changed. It was just like every other Christmas: delicious hot chocolate, presents, warm chocolate chip cookies, presents, spending time with my loving family, presents, staying all day in our warm pajamas, and even more presents! My sister is the typical annoying sister you can have. We look so alike, yet are so different. She takes my things, she blames me for EVERYTHING, and acts like an angel even though she really can be like a little demon. We were playing with our new presents, when my mom called me over. She looked at me like if she was trying not to smile. I thought I was getting in trouble. My sister and I looked at each other, and I could see her eyes say “good luck” We sat down and she turned on the video camera. I knew something was going to happen. The first thing I though was presents, since it was Christmas day. Maybe they bought a dog, or an IPad, or something else. But I remember my mom starting to tear up, and I knew it was something much more valuable than an IPad.  

“We have some news. Big news.” My mom said as I big tear rolled down her face. She just smiled, and I could tell it was happy crying.

“I’m pregnant. It’s a girl. Merry Christmas!” My jaw dropped. So many thoughts were going through my head. I didn’t know what to think! I was so, exhilarated! I could feel a huge grin from ear to ear.

“Are you excited?” My dad asked. I could hear the smile in his voice.

“No. I’m super excited!” I jumped up and down and gave a huge bear hug to my parents.

And I got a sister. There is no word to describe the way I felt. I was so happy, but in the inside, I was kind of sad. I didn't really know how I felt. I really wanted a brother.  I could live with another sister, but I REALLY wanted a brother. That night as I was going to sleep, I thought about all the gross and weird boys in my class. And how all my friends complained about their annoying brothers.  And I was so relieved I had a sister. For the months my mom was pregnant, I was so excited and happy and I could not wait to have a sister.

The first time I ever saw my sister, was the day after she was born. We could not see her the day she was born because there was a problem and both the baby and my mom almost died. Not only did we wait 10 hours in this boring hospital waiting room, but we also missed our art summer school, and we left the hospital at 11 without seeing my sister. (11 is very late for a 10 and 8 year old.) It was horrible having to wait in a hospital with no food, nothing to keep us entertained, and the anxiety to find out if she had been born.

“I’m so BORED!” My sister whined as she looked at the clock.

“I know! You say that every five minutes!” I exclaimed as I drew on  little notepads.

“Just keep drawing! That will keep us entertained!” I mumbled without looking up from my drawing.

“But we’ve been drawing for three hours!” She cried.

“I know! But don’t be a crybaby, just do something.” I was exasperated of her whining. We have been drawing for hours, and sliding all our drawings under the door.  What we did for ten hours was draw on the little notepads in the hospital room and sliding it under the door of my mom’s room.

I was waiting in the hospital room, at eleven o’clock at night when my dad comes in. And I knew, she was born. He sits us down, and I could feel my hands shaking.

“I have really bad news, there has been a problem.” He looked us directly in the eyes. I could see his eyes watering. Weird, he never cries.  

He looked us in the eye and mumbled,

“Your sisters umbilical cord wasn't working, and she couldn't breathe. The doctors operated on your mom, and both her and the baby almost died.”

My heart sunk. That might have been the last day I saw my mom. Or maybe I wouldn't have seen my sister. I could feel the tears. I looked to my right, and my poor little sister had tears on her cheeks. I felt unreal.

“Luckily, everything is okay. They got the baby breathing again, and mom is asleep. Everything is just fine.” I could feel the weight come off my shoulders. Everything is okay, I kept thinking over and over. I was so exhilarated. I could feel the adrenaline rushing through my body.

I have a baby sister.

“But…” my dad whispered anxiously,

“You wont be able to see them tonight. Mom is too tired and your sister needs some treatment.” I looked at my sister anxiously.

“You have got to be kidding me.” My sister growled.

“We have been waiting ten hours in this boring hospital waiting for our sister, I am not leaving, until we see our sister!” She looked so angry. I have never seen her act like that, so she must be really tired.

“You can’t, the doctors won’t let you in.” My dad looked annoyed. He gave my sister; the typical face parents give you, when they mean it.

“Ugh! Fine!” She yelled as she started walking to the car. My dad and me looked at each other, and started to giggle. My sister was so tired.

 I woke up the next morning, at seven in the morning. This was very early for me, especially since I fell asleep at around twelve the night before. But I couldn’t wait. I wanted to see my mom; I wanted to see my new sister.

“I can’t wait!” My sister squealed as we were driving to the hospital.

“I know! Me too!” I tried to jump up and down, but the seatbelt stopped me.

“Remember, the deal we made.” I reminded her. Me and my sister made a deal that she would see her first, if I could touch and hold her first. We sprinted for the hospital room; we knocked into nurses, tables, wheelchairs (empty ones) and my sister even slipped at one point. But we didn’t care, we wanted to see the new family member. When I reached the door, I stopped. We looked at each other and smiled. My sister walked in first, and I walked in right after. There she was. Wrapped in her blanket like a butterfly in their cocoon. Her short white hair looked silky, like a little cloud on resting on the top of her hair. It almost looked unreal. Her bright blue eyes reminded me of little baby waves crashing on the gold dry sand. It was perfect. She was worth the wait. I took in a big breath, and closed my eyes. There is no word in the world that could describe the feeling. I felt wondrous, exhilarated, thrilled, and just plain happy.

            My expectations of having another sister in the house, is completely different than I could have ever imagined it. Both in good ways and in bad. Even though she cried and screamed more than I thought she would, she is also one of my best friends. It is amazing to see someone learn to do things, and grow up right in from of your eyes. She is now 4 years old, goes to school, and is learning to read and write. But holding a one day-old all wrapped up in a baby blanket feels like yesterday. She is now like my best friend and I could not be happier with a sister like her. Maybe having a sister isn’t as bad as I thought it would be!




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