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Poetry: The Village Blacksmith

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First published in the November 1840 issue of the literary magazine The Knickerbocker. This is the second of two printings in The Signal of Liberty (see also "The Village Blacksmith" in the March 18, 1844 issue).

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Ünder a spreading chrsnut tree The villoge smitliy stands; The Einith, amighty mnn is he, Wit! largo nnd sinewy hunos; And tlie ennecies of hiöbrnwny arens Are etrong as iroh bunds. líis hair is crisp, nnd blnck, and long; His face is like the tnn; His brow is wet with lioneat sweatj He corns whatu'er he canj And loöks the whole worlfi in the face, For he owes not any mnn. Week out, week in, frotn morn til night, You can hear his bellows blow; Vou con henr him swing his heavy sledge, Wilh tncaourod beftt and elow, Like a eexton rii:gihg the ul kirk cliitneb When theevening eun is loiv. And children coming home frora school Lonk in at the open door; They look to see the flaming forge, And hcar tlie bellows roar, And catch tin: bunnn sparks tïiat fty Likc cliaÖ'from a threshing floor He goos on Sunday to the church, And sits aínong his boye; He hears ihe parson pray and preach, He liears lus dnughter's volcoj Singing in the villano choir, And it niakcá his heurt rejoice.It sounds to liim like her mother's voice Singing in Parndisei He necds must tliink of her once more, How in the prove she lies: And wiili Iit3 hard roíigli liatid lie wipes A tcar Irom out his eyes Toílin - rrjoicinjr- -sorrowinjj-Onward llirougli lífe he roo-ii Ench morning eces eome task begïir,Each efreningr seos il clopej SometJiin attemp cd-so:netirritg danCf Has earned a rigris repose. Thai)kff tlianks t tliee, my wortliy friend For the lepson tlioti linst tnnghtf Thus at tlie fliming (orge of Life, üur fartiiiïcs must be vvrotiplrt Thus on i's soiuidinor nntil lioped Each burfting1 deed nnd thongfrt. 11 ■■!■■■ ■■■ ■■■lllll II