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To The Antislavery Young Men Of Michigan

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The present is nn Era in the cause of Liberly ifi our Country. An Era fraught vvi:h íhicrest. Án Era whnñ the hosts of Liberty md the poweis of Slovery are combining for i st rugóle, upon which dopends the aseendnncy of one orthe olherof their antagonistic principies. An Era which demands the vigorous e.lert"ioii3 of every true lover of Libar ty and friend of Humanity. The blast of Freedom has been rang thruugnout otir land, nnd the lonw sirrothered voice of three million's of slaves has at length been heard rnising their itnploring notes to the Freemen of America to marshal themselve.- in glorious efíbrts for the redemption of their Cuuntry froïn the bondsj_of Tyrantiy; for the elevation of down-irodde Mumanity, and the f'ilfilment vf the self evident truths of Equal Riylit prnclainied by the Patriot Fathers of our Republic. At fiiich a moment sliall the descerníante of those noble sires forget the precepis of their illuslriousancestors? "Eternal vigilance is the priócofLibcrty" was tiie motto of their crst, and "Liberty or Dttithf' the soul feit watchword of their arduousefforts.Shall we proVe recreant to the sacred trusts they willed us, of guarding che priceleps boon of Liberty they purchased wilh their blood?' Can vo rémnin ifiaclive when eVery breeze brings to our ears the wailing of'captive mil! - ions, ond the whole land is filied with the thousand wrongs ond miseries pertaining to the systerri' of slavcholding1; the noblest FrecineH of the Naiion, anJ best of the Northern Citizens, without tho shndow of a crirné, are dtagged Trom their h o in es, iocarcerated in Soulliern dungeons and branded like felons? When Freedm has received au hutidred stabs rt the Very h'-inse of lier friPitfö can we, her éhosen' htrats, remaii: indifferens speclators of the scène, and baspfy laugh the memory of onr sires to scorn.bliridly bowing our own neclci to the dominion of Tyranny' ins idious böt grofping rule? It cannot be. 'íhere ytt remains Btifficicnt of ihc noble spirit of ancient doys in the hearts of Amerióarre to lift the heaiy chain from offthenecksof the oppressed, and carry out the nob'fe doctrines ön which our government was baeed, in1 a pure and practical operation. It needs bul ttat the gréat Democratie heart of America should1 become aroufed frorn' t deathly torpor to a coneciouáness ofihetruth1 in ordei1 toaccomplish the of Émancípation. Ánd tWff aroiising of thegreat Ameican heart to a consideration md espoueal of the claims of Liberty in ourland, cnii only be acrompli.hpil by Uitf artleat and imiled eflorts of ilic yrofcsscd l'ripnds of ihe eaiiFc. Shalï we wiihhold our eflorts to ai) the canse of freedom nnd to press home ópon our country men the claims of perishing manhood? The preeent is n crisis in our cause. Tóp principios of Freedom cnn now be lieard n the Court of the American concienco. Enquijry md discussion of ihe tmtlis of Liberty are the order of the doy. Thcn lel tlie friendo of Lihcrty elnrid fast by their intrjjrity, arcf urge with redonbled vigor the claims óf the :anse. Our ''bonutiful Península," al hor very out ;et the communi'v of State?, (fpclared is a {.art of her oranic bein?, "ihnt slavery, 3r involuntary servittide, liould never bo alInwed to oxist tipon her soil,' thus giving the manly buffet of deninl lo the right of men to ciiaUelize their fellows.'The fact is evident to every day's experience, thnt human beiiigs. L'onvicted of no crime, nre Iiunted, like partridges of the mounlnin, througfhout the lenglh ind breadth of our fair stnte, by tbose who ■?eek to fob them of their manhood!' And the Representatives, who yearly enacl our will, year after year reftise to make their Protest figainst the iniqnitous law of our Nntion's Conrress, which declares il a criminal offence in the free citiznns of oúr soícrcipn state lo aid thé toil worn fugitivo, in the maintenance of hiseelf evident rightí- which binds thé public officers of our Bolectinn, to become abettors and tbs-istanls in llic unríghteous business of Wen Ilunlors. Is there not cause, then. tiiat the Ljberty loving sons of Michigan shou'd act? !In Union there is strength.' In nmtëd and hormomoue action, iï the sure talisman of great acliiovements. Are there nof in Michigan o' suff.cient number of young men, with brave hearts, and freedom lóving souls, wlo wiU noic, breaking loose from all pro-slavey réslraints, voluniecr their services and assistance in thenent ot a mutual association for the advancenent of ihe cause of Liberty, and tlie proection of Ihe rights of Man? An assöciaion' whose object símil be, by harmoniousand inited action, to rid onr State of the etain.s af slavery t.hat now poiluié itssoil,and to pivp to Ihe cause of Liberty througiiout our Aa'ion, the Ímpetus of o vigorous and united efort? An nssociation, to whose efTeclive operHion the bleoding slave mny turn his tcarful sye, and feel bis hopes expand - and at whose [jatherings the freedom )ovng youtli of Michigan can meet in joyful unión, ond fee! the presence of a mutual sympatliy nn! cffort? That there are many fttOng men in our State within whose bosom the fiarhe of Liberty burns bright, and who. by nioansr of an association of their eiïbrts in the adoption of consistent and prRctic il urieasures for the extensión of their principies, can give ari untold Ímpetus to the cause, is firmly believed; and relying on your weil known principies, t'his is senl you with the confident beüet that jou wiil giveto the project of the formation of a "Young Mens Liberty &sociation ój Jílichi gan,'f to be organized before the next November, the oid of your interest and co-operationShall it not be had? Shall it not be done and ihe Young Men of the Península State tnke to themselves tlic honor of haring been the frst to enroll Ihemselves into a Libert State Organization? Numhers in dineren parts of the State hnve deemed the projoc feasible, and i;s cohaummation dcsirable, im havo promised to give it thcir attendance ant aid. The fit-st doy of Octuher next, at Jad&ot has been snffcresteda3 tlieímcand placeo mevíhig for efieeting an orgnnization. VV! you not g'we the meeting tlie favor of you attenoance, or al least the promi-e of voiir en couiagofticnt b_v letter, wit!) stich t-iiyestiün hs to the plan of its orgnnizution a? you deert proper? Shonld tlie project meel your favorable consideraron, please c.vlend the invita ti'on in the vicinily where yon reside, nnd pro cure tliè sigñaiures óf as mafiy anüsluverj young men to this cali, bs subscribe to it senViments, with their place ofresidence, and forward withoi.1t delay to t!e first under.Mffn eil, who, wliên a sufEcient nnmber of name shall be received, wjlfïssiïè a Pub'ic Caífi JEKOME BI. TRE.DVrKLL, Jackson. S. M. HOLMES, Éetroit. EDMÜNI) HALL, da. SAMUEL ZUG, du. L. P. PERKFNS, Lcnnwri'. Co. J. E ÜALLÜP, Gtncsce Co. S. J. M. HAMMOND, St. Joseph Cu. J. N. STICKXEY, Calkoun Co. Jacfcson, August, ÍG45.


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