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Beauties And Advantages Of Horse Racing

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- Ano'her race carne olí yeslerday at th Bencon Course, and we are fully infirmcd thi morning as to the relalive qualities of th horscp, their of actinr, vvliich hors took ihe lend in the commencement of th roce, how some of them 'hroke up' and hod t bc 'pulled in,1 and wliich horse finally won th purse. These particulars are fully placed he fre the public, bul we hear nuthing of th roulette table, ihfc sweat-board, ihe thimble rirgers, and others of like kidney, who wer there for the purpose of rnbbinr the uriir.ii.ia led. Neither are we told of the number o persons who returned to their homes in state of drunkenness, or the number who re turned to their families pennyle6S, while the oerhaps are wanting for the neces6arie6 of life. Nothing is said of the yonih who were there heing traiticd lo a course of iniquity, and pre- finriiii for exalted stations nmong the vile and desolate. These 'h'ngs did not eeem to caet a gloom o'er tiie minds of the getters i'p of ihese horse races - it Í6 something wih vvhich they have nothinjr to do. The chronicWs of the horse race took no note of the things here referred to. as it did not concern them: they knew their duty too well to interfere wiih othcr men'e business. Yet it was au exciting cene- derply exciting! but we have no doubi wotild be much moie exciling to gather the inmates of the Sing Sing prison loge: her, and ascertain how many of üiem were firsl led into the commission of crime by attending he race course. It is eufficient to ado thal no fig'jt occurred on the ground onrl thit every thing passed off agrecably, except Uio ilglits that (ook place when the drunkords relurned to llieir homes. - JY. Y. Eve. Po$t."A sable preacher, at a camp meefing, prayed with much zeal and earnestness, íCur(aiI, O Lord, the dovil's power in dis ere land;' when one of thecolored brethren, who thought much time might be saved by prompt dealing, immediately exclaimed, 'Amen, my Lord! bul cut lieiaií off right clean and ciar, and stop allfurIher vu'schief.' " - JJ. S. Jour. That's the way. He was a true tetotaller and a sound abolitionist. ImMEDIATE AND TOTAL. That'a thñ doctrine.


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