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On onr first pnpe wil! bc fotiml nll tliat tr.e Argns cannny in juatitiontion of the filching of thos-e booksfrom the National Treasury. And hen nll tin? been paid in the defence o( aur motnbers of Congress, is it not true, 1. Thai rach ofthem rkcbived nn amonnt of Bnoks, of the vnhie of from $400 to &700 each, for one session? 2. Thttihfsc Books anginented thrir pay, ncludinc mileage, toabout TWENTY FIVE DOLLARS a day? 8. That the receiving of these Books was a fraiid upon tho property of tlieir constilueiits. ïnautliorized by them to thi full value of the Books? 4. That according to the declarotion of the Argus, il was a disgracefu) transnction? As Ihat paper rnay have a short memory, we will quote its own words: "As rpgards l lie nnture of the act, we agree wilh the Signnl eXHCtly - ihai il teas a species of Plundrr, which cannot be Too stkowolt C0'DBMED." We are content to leove the mntter hflre until the present members come up for reelection, when we intend tliey hall answer to this Book Plunder m 8t rxplicitly. But before we dismifs the subject, we would refresh the momory of Mr. McCIclInnd and his compeers wilh a little sound Demoerntic doctrine frotn the Indiana Tocsin, a Democratie paper of ability. Judge Sample, VVhig member of Congresa from the Nfnth Indiana District, voted for appropriating these books, and broujjht home his sharo of them. He carne up for re-election. Henee it wns the interest of the Demócrata, n this cn6O, to exposé th? iniquity, ins'ead of smoothing jt oer. The editor of the Tocsin appüed liimselfto the Journals of the House tbr infotmation, and he has gathered sundry facts, nnd annextd his cominents, which, if sound Democracy in Indiana, may also be uscful in Michigan. It seema th&t this pyslcm of Píunder lias been regnlorly established for years, and pxlends through tlie Senntc aa well ns the House: for the original Resolution of Mr. Winihrop readá thus:Resolved. Thnt Uio Cletk of the Hoine nr Repreentatvos be direrted 10 furnish to pucIi tnembers of the present flmiso of Representaties as bove nt nlremly received them.sich bonk.4 as were furnished to the mernbers of ilie 2Gtb and L7th Congres, inchuling i lie 14th volume of Rrfrister of Hebutes, ond Conjrreísionnl GKibe nnd Appendix, pnblished by Bldir &i Rives: Pruvi'ded, Tnat Ihis reaolntion shull not bn co striied to nuthnrizf the repriniing of any of soid books' p. 1 1 13. The sm approprbled at onc time during the last eession for the purchaee of Books wne Elghty srren ihouaand svven hundred and sixtyfoic dollars. This wonld requiren rehl many hnrd day's work from tlioao who karn and pay for the Buoka! The Tocsin says: 'The nmount plundered is tbus sfntcd by an officer of the H'iuse: Booksalready delivered, $519 00 14 vols. Am. Archives to be distributed, at 417 per vol. 238 00 Sum totni, $757 00 SEVRJN IIUNORKD AND F1FTYSKVRN DOLLARS!- as mud as a Inb.rer cnn earn in tJiree yeart - taken by ono man in nd dition lo lus $8 per d;iy nnd 40 forovory 100 miles Irsvel! ia u monatrous impositiun on the pub'ic.'' "Mr VVmlhrnp is a whip. We beÜeve every whL niember vo fd for it, oud we are sorry io ?ay?ome of the Dernocrnis. Messrs. Wrig. t, Bnchnnan, Bentoi, and other democratg, as ome few Whips. relused to receive iheir share of the plunder, as hnn-irnb e rapn should. Othfts ignobly recrivcd the slot'-n goods, nnd have a poriion of them in ihir libmiriep, or have diposed of thrm to the bookellers at Washington, for $00.'' "Now whnt do voters t hink an honest man chonld have done? Ongrht he not to imve pnid for those Books out of lus owa pocket inntead of thoirs, or rkfo.-rd them, as dit! Benton, Wrialu. Buchiinan, and fome othor Democrats? He knpv the praclice waa wrong ye gave it hts slrongest poseible sancliun, B SEIZÍNG TUI'. BookS. 'It s necopsary for the Kafpty of the public monpy, that the penple phonld rxclurle Oom the National Conncils every vían engaged n the nkFauiods tra:saction." So, according ío this standard of Democ racy, accepting the Books was 'ígnobut rrRKCEiviNG thr STOLEN (ïooi).s! ' Think of it, ye hardworking Democrats who paid for them.'OCf The Governor of New York has proclaimcdmartial lnw in DelawareCounty, on account of the many "Indion" disturbances. According to an act of the :nst legislature, any person resisting the laws, officers, or forces of the State, after this proclamaron, is to be sent to State Prison two years. Three companies have boen ordered out by the Governor, and two regiments are lo be ready at a momeni's warning. &ƒ "Floggingi" says Governor Hamt mond, in his letter to Clarkson, "is not degrading, and, unless excsssive, occasions little pain." On the above the Boston Recorder remarks: - :It makes all the difTerence in the world who takcs the flogging. A hundred lashes 'well laid on' to Governor Hammond's own back, would teach him neverngain to insult mankind with such a declaration." - Chicago Cit. ft?" The August elections did not essentially alter the condition of parties. - The Whigs gained three members of Congrcss in Kentucky, and lost one in North Carolina. CC? The Buffalo Pilot has information that the Electric Telegraph will be completed from Boston and New York to Buffalo by New Year's day.


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