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Betsey And I Are Out

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raw up the papers, lawyer, and make 'em good and ■COttti ur thing ut horneare wave, and liotsc-y and I .tiv UUt. W who have worked together ao long as man and wiïe [utit puil in single harneas the rest of uur nat'rul life. " WLat is the matter?" sa y jout I swan ! it's hard to ttll ; Most ot tJie yeara buhind us wo've pnsaed by very Well; Ihave uu other woman -h? has no othur man, Oniy wu've iived toether a long tft evtr ui. So 1 have talkod with Itetsey, and Betsey has talkotl witli me; .So we'vc agreed togethor Uiat we ejin't nover ngroo : Kot that wu've catched each othw iu any urrible crime ; We've bctiu a gatherin' this for years, u little at a tilUt'. Tfafen was a stock of tempor wc both had, for a síart ; Althougli vev nc'er UlpOOted 'twuuld tuke us two aMtrt ; I had luy varions faiünga, bred in the flesh and bone. Aiul Botiwjr. like all good womcu, had a lompt-r oi bet own. The firt thiug I remeraber whereon we diagrecl Was somethiu' ouuournin lieaveii a difierfiicc in our nreed. We ary'oil the thing at breuk fust -we arg'ed the thing ut teu- And the more we arg'cd the question, tïie more we dirfn't agree. And the next that I remomber was when we lost u cow; She Ima itieked the bucket, for certuin -the quetation wasonly - llvw '. I held iny uwn opinión, and Betsey nnothcr had ; And whca wc were dOne a Uukin , wc both oi un was in ad. Aid tí next that I romember, it started in n joke ; II it full for u wirk it luttted, and neither of us spoke. And the next was wheu 1 colded bOQtUM he broke a bowl: And sh ■ siud I was mean ani stingy, and hadnt uny HO Ul. And so that howl kept pourin diwensions in our eup Anti tui that uumitxt co--itter whö alway a couiiii' up: And so lliat heaven we uiy'cd no DMMr t 01 gol : lniiuuniiiMi taste of öumutimi' a thou&aud times 1U llOt. And o the tbiag kept workin', and all the elf-same w:iy ; Alwayi tfOmethin' to arg'e, and somethin' sharp to sny. And down on us come the neihbors, a couple dozen Ktroug, And lenttneir kindest service for to help the tliinjr n long. And there has leen days together- and many a weary wwk- We wa both of us cross and spunky, and both too pmud to Hpt.'ak. And I have leen a thinkin' and thiukiu' the wliolo of the w nitor and laü, If I cau't live kind with a woman, why, then I won't at all. And so I have talked with ïictecy, and Betacy has tiüked with me, And we have agreed togtber that we can't ncver ugree ; And what is hen hall bc hers, and what is mine Hhall l' mine ; And I'll put in the agreement, and tuke it to her to dgL VTrite on the paper, lawyer- the verj' flrst paiftgraph - Of all the farm and live-stock, that aho shall have her half. Tor she iüis helped to earn it, throufih many iv-i.vy duy, And itü' notliin' more than justico that Betaej haa her pay. Give her the house and homestead ; a man can tliríve and roam. But TTomau are skecry critters, unless they have a home. And 1 bttTC always determined, and ncver failed to That ,be;sey never shonld want a home, if I was taken away. There is a little hard money thftt's drawin' tul'rnblc pay ; A couplu of hundxed dollars laid by for a rainy day ; Bafé iu the hands of srood men, and eaay to get ;it ; lut iii anoLher clause, theit;, and jjive her half of that. Yea, I sec you smile, sir, at my givin her so much ; Ve, diToroe ï ohMp, ir, but 1 tukt no stock in such. Truc and fair I inarrietl her, wheu she was blithe and young ; And BalMy was ul'ays good to me, except with her Once, when I was young as youv and not bo smart, pei'ltftps, For me she mittened a lawyer, and several othev cliaps : And all of 'em was flustered, and fairly taken down, And I for a time was cuuntcd tiic luckiest man in town. Once when I had a fever- I xron't forgt it stron - I wiw hot as a batcd turkey and crazy a loon- Never an hour went by me when she was out oi' Blght ; ShO uuraed me true and tender, ind stuck to me day and nilit. And if ever a house was tidy, and ever a kitchen clein. Ht-r houae and kitchen was tidy as any I ever seen, And I don't eoniplain oí líetsey or any of her act-s Kvr.-ptin" whenwe've quarrellud and tol d each other Cute. Sodraw upthe paper, lawyer; and I'U go home toniht, And read the greement to her and Bee u it b all right ; And then in the mornin' I'll sell to a tradin' man I know - And kisrt the child that was left to us and out in the world I "11 go. And onc thinfc put in tbe paper - that first to me diiln't occur - That when I am dead at last she bnng me back to her; And lay mo under the maple I planted yeara ago, Wlien she and I was h.-ippy , taran we quarrelled so. And when shc dies I wish that she would be laid by nu ; And lyiu' together in silenoc, herhape we will W"0 i Aud if ever we meet in heaven, 1 wouldn t tnink ït quuer If we luved each other the better bcciuse wc nave auarrelled hcre.


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