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formerly obtamed by tne üasi j.uui Conipañy in large quantities from the Fejee Islands. As many as seven large Indiamiin have been known to be lying at anchor in one of the bays at once, waiting, for cargoes of the prccious wood. The treos have been felled with such reckless improvidence that on the shores of this same bay a solitary gapling, planted by a missionary, is now the only living 8andle-tree for many miles arouud. " How MUCH did he leave?" inquired a gentleman of a wag, on learning of the doath of a wealthy citizen. "Evprything," responded the wag; " he didn't take a dollar with him." Charles Lamb tells of one of his companions who in the game of whist, was always gnunbling beoause he had so few tiiimps. By sonie artifice in dealing, the whole thirteen were once given him, in the hope that some sound of glee might be audible through his instinctivo grunt ; but after exaniining his hand attentivelyj he looked more wretched than ever. " Well, Torn," said Lamb, " haven't yotl gotenough trumps nuwr" " Yes," was the growling answer, " but I'to got no other cards '" Novrisiiino Soup For Invalids.- Tiiae, two hours: Two ponnds of loan vt;al or beef; a quarter of a pouml oí pearl barley; a little fresh celery, or celery seed ; a little salt. Boíl two pounds of lean veal or beef, with a quarter of a pound of pearl barley in a quart of water very slowly, until it becomes the consistency of good cream ; flavor it with a litÜe frcsh oelery, or celery sèed, and salt. Strain it when dono throxigh a fine hair sive, and serve. This soup will only keep until the next day, thoiefore not more than the quantity required must be made


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