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What The Democratic Party Will Do When In Power

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I. It will limit the animal taxes to 1250,000,000, and out. of tliis moderate rovomií! will apply $20,000,000 towards tho extiuction of the public dobt ; whereas tlic Federal tnxes for tho lsist iiscai year amounted to thc cnormous sum oi $11,250,447. II. It will reviso and reform tho systeni of taxation so that this dimÍBishod annual borden of 1250,000,000 will be equitably1 distributed. The present systom not only overloads tho faithfal horse, but ties somo of the load to his legs, puts a part upon his head, makes him drag i portion by his tail, obstructing liis freedom of movemont, and oausing him thc utmost annoyanoe. The Demi party will withdraw evory pound of the load from his Hmbs and extremities and collect it upon his back where ho can carry it with greatest case. It will, moreover, take good care that thc taxes find their way into the public treasury, and not into thc pockets oí greedy, grasping monopol 8 8. III. The Democratie party wiH rectify the abuses of the present banking system ; extinguishing monopoly by making thc business freo to all who comply with the conditions, stopping the interest on govemment l O lds while in plodge to secure bank cireulation, and guarding against a redundant eurrency by compelling tho banks to redeem their notes in specie. IV. It will revive our prostrato shipping interest and restore to American oitizens their farmer largc share in the profits of navigation, by free trade in ships and the repeal of dutios on al) articlcs in their construction. ■j3Icia'ui universal sutïïngoby abolislring the term of rosidonce now required tbr naturalization, and giving intolligent white immigrants the s.une advantagee enjoyed by our eolored population. is no reaaón why a thrif'ty Germán who emigratcs to Tkxas and buys a farm should not at once be rj'avorud a oitízen as the South Caroliii! negro who emigrates to Tt'x;is in tlie samo year and is employed by tho Gorman as a laborer. VI. Tlie Democratio party ill íiitlifully fulfill all th obligations created by the public debt in theix lettel and spirit, and will secure to disabled soldiere the full nmount oí' thcir pensions without allowing a dollar to bc doductod for the foes of agents. VII. It will repoal all laws whioh pormit the Federal gOTemment, or uuy of its onleen, to interfiere with elections in the States. VIII. It will mako it a high misdnnieanor ptuüshable by dismissal from the ncrvico for any offloer of Ilic arniy or navy to aid iri the suppi-c.-.-ion of -: tic violence in a State unless tho State authoritios have mado a previous application to the President for BUoh assistanco, in confonnity to the Constitntion ; or to interfere for enforcing any Federal law unless a Federal judge shall have preriously certified that the exofution of tho laws is resistid by a eombination too powerful to be overeóme by the marshal and his pozse. IX. The Democratie party will remove all tho politieal disabilities und disQnslMcations unpoeed lm paitioipatioa in thc late civil war. X. It will recognize the binding force of the thrco ncw amendinents to tho Constitution so long as they aro held to be valid by the Supremo Courh Here are no flourishes, no buncombe, no vague, cloudy theorics whioh cannot be reduced to practíoe. If there is atiy Southern citizen who does not think this list of measures would bring relief from and rodress of present evils and gnevanoes we cannot respect his judginent. And if, on the other hand, any Repnblican insists that the policy here slcetched is a mere bundie of negations and dcad issues, he forfeits all claim to be considored a did


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