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Bismarck "going For" The French

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BEELES, April ;Oth. Án imperial council ws held to-dav to consider the situation at Paris. ISismarek ■was present. It was agrei d to notifv t! Versailles govermneni that a further limited poriod would be allowcd for the rostoration of authority, the enforcement of order and fulfilhnciit of the tri;i1y stipulationB, after which GeriiKiiiy wUJ tako independent, action to cstablish luw and order in Paris. Tho dispatcll wil! emphasize the wisli of Germany not to interfero in tho inturiml :tnd poutioal affairs of France, but will add that such mterminablo c-ivil war, originating in revolution and ehimietcrized by disgraoeful excesses cannot loner be tolerated, Sar tho moral and material interests of G&rmany, as well as the whole of Europe are enSeiiBg. Private reliable information leeds to a belief that it is the intention of the Germans to restore tho Regency as the next legitímate government, in the event of the Vr s lilieg gorernment being unable to enfoice its authority.


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