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The Republican Ku Klux

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Probably tho fii-st caso to oom e beforo tlio Unitea States courts in the South, under tho provisions of the Eu Klux luw. will be that of the Republican officohohlcrs in South Carolina. Somo two or tlireo wooks ago the safe of tho treasurer of Abboville connty was broken open and robbed of $15,000 in monoy, nono of which h;is yot been rocovored. The chiof constablo of the has succeeded in iraoing tho crime to three brothers named Guffin, originally North(?rn men, but for somo time residents of Abbevillo. One of ;ho Guffins is a. member of the Lcgisla,:ure, anothor is probate judge of the county, and tlie third is Mayor of tho tmvn of Abbeville. All three have been urested, and are nrfcv in close confinement at Columbia. The chief constable ;iys ho has tho most indubitiable proof of their guiit. It would be a singlar tbinf? if tho Ku ílux forcé bill, which, as is claimcd by ts framers, was intended to suppress disorder throughout the South, should, nitor all, do gomething towards accomplisliing ts purjiose, in an indirect way, by renoving the causo of these disturbances n the j)ersons of dishoncst officials and era-wlins: ad venturera. Lyman Trumbull, of Illinois, the only tadioal in the üjoited States Sonate who kis ;iny claim to tho mime of statesman, voted against tho infumous Ku-Klux )ill. WTien a gOTernmont official turns up lissing the first question that suggests aelf to the public on tho announcement f tho tact ie, " How much did ho stcal f" '


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