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Why Are They Silent?

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Why are the RadioaJ journala of tho country silent over the known and umitted fraudg praeticed by tho leaders of thoir party in Washington at tho i olection? Thousands ot' negroos were brought into tho District front Maryland and Virginia and registered as voters, and all day during the eioction a steajnerwas employed bringiag these men from thcir homes in those States and conveying tlicm back after they had voted. The clerks in all tho departments were coiupclled to voto, whether they deemed ■Ivés voters or not, on tlio penalty of being discharged. Manybf them, only a few weeks before, had voted in. New Qatnpshire and Connecticut as residents of those States, and yet tlicy wcro diroctod to vote iii AViishington as residents of that city. The Washington correspondent of the Cincinnati Qaeette admita that thia fraud was cenunitted, and that hundrods of fraudulent votos were tiuis cast for the Radical oandidate for Congress. He ■3,ys : " With scarce an attemjit to hido tho real meaning by vt,rU, th0 clerka have ordered to register bere and vote for Chipman, the. Eepublican oandidate for delégate in Congress, on pain of losing thcir places if they did not. And eveïi those wlio go to their States regulaily to vote aro not oiompt from the operation of tho decreo. Comment upon such an order is wholly tinnecessary." Had this outrago been committod in New York by the Demooratio party, the Tr'thiinr and its yelping eohoea wouldhave split their throats with orying out against it. The fraud, however, was in the interest of tho Badioal oause, and that, in the eyes of purblind patriots, sanctifies the deed.


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