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The Joint Commission

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New Yoimi-, May 2. A Washin dial, notwithstanding I mbcra ol t lic joini !sij_ ■;: ion Laïo pro: tt3 of the treaty itiutod, tin doubt thai raoognition ■ii tbr dam ilr.rii; I ■ io of 1 bc ounde; and, in nu ii' iho Si. 1 iiiwrence ■ to our '..■ . ... and the ïuiviLion oauals buunftonly to the paymont of tolls. Thi Juan boundtiry question ;s nol yol fully settlod, ic.ü we snal) probably pH all we ■■.i tha1 direction. ïhe i ■ ii n_. ','. ■ ;■: tri '!■ Grey aud ; '. i fii-1ly Pu. : :.■ (i' di,. fcö say ti quetioners thal the country will ba satisfiod with thoii work, Inii they will uoi go Lnto details. A oprroapondeiit asgures os ïoweyer, (Int. tha the how fcr . nd1 ' i pnt li umity tuv the l ; ■ dodi The Englishmen in thie country who s; by our civil war aro to be i&deminiüed, and Qur fishermen Mf6 to huve the priviÍ tliö in-shoro fishorios on tho payi compen boald . t üe damaBugliahmi somo ■ I !i:':, OUI of tllC ■ 'S by the .'i .!Í:im:i.


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