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. Arbor, April ÏOtb, 1871, Oías.' Cmvxis, of tbc Class oi1 '74, Umvc.i;ty ui pin. Whébeas: I r,,,., m nu ■. jt-íibin we : tbéit r of hlm, v,!io ar, vcrive and uu sccurcd uur respect; yet, in his ui dspnftorsj wo Imtnbl; 1 ■. ! lint hh ii tokdi of onr icspect for his meinor} weatteaiUket in h body, Rtsaktd, That a oopy uf these ré the rolal . i jjgij; ti,ai tii.y be publishi 1 in fefae TMitcrtiiy Chronictt ruirl ciry papers. DELOS-FALIj, ) ■'■■■■ , i innmittcc. J'. W. ;. ) Air.i Atï.or, iiioh., April 28Ü1, 1871. Comipnnicated. DiEDOn "W.-lri ■■■'.. :y, Ü6B1 uit., Minerva Elvira, wife oi John C. Mundy, I years. Mra. lundy tviis boni I County, New York. Hcrffl moTed to Ann Arbor in 1823. lier f.imily were among the mo inent of the earl; flOIá. In hér dcoooso the lad inembor of the r taken i'rom omong uo, Tlii Ladywas thaoMeat itso:i in l ■ i. th'i' in tiiis fanmedi&te Tlius in ]n.r ikiith u link wilh tlie days and scones of ;i;is broken. UMt aywpi'iately, hez vill licarers weru scluctcnl from tlie oldest suttlcrs of the pïiico. Mrs. Jlunily was nirtninl in 1887, Jarmary 9th, by ti-füi'iT]ir.íb:iil,i;!i:;:i]sow]c of the (aily :.'üleM. aghoi ilaj-i onthisapot, ■ ■. i'h tlio ; ;'in : Lc cïi-, . ; ■ [oneer, t&rough tho sueca o tbvpnaent atatiu, Mts. Muntïy ever majntained the lii-li esteem snd affectioo of lier ucighbore. Hoidaath anatesa nrid, y in the aooioty which giew up whon tbis was a Bmnilor eominunify. And nmny young mt'n wlio P her ftimily 1 Igrateand kindoeas. The family of l :-. yero among tho few early momleis of th' Episcopal Chnich. iurns nio rECKirsmp of t:. C. C. Taylor. Admitted to tliu Jloly Commnnion, het courso hta been iiot only that of nn carnest cliurchwoman but of a sincere followor of the Redeemer. Constant in her abona attondanec entering heartily into tho solomnities of feast and fast, lier prosence will be misKed in her ] The summons to dojiurt erirae to lier söddenly -_i it BeemsdtOW, butalong andsevere illneseof the last year had made her mlndfo] of thouneertninty of her eoiltiiiuimre here. "We trust that abo Val liaily the sumraons, and her Lord bas cillled her to go up higher, to reeeive the bleaaisgi of the tna of ('lirist to which she has clung by faith in lovo and obedience.