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SRRIISTG TEADE, 18 71.' LARGE AND ATTRACTIVE ETOCE OIF New Spring Dry Goods, TIIE ASSORTMEXT COMPLETE E HEIT DEPABTMEXT. PRICES ÁS LGW ÁS MYHÖÜSE IN THE STATE. The Largest and Best Selected Stock of Ladies' Dry Goods Ever Exhibited ín this City. nri: cï,ake:,f,x black alpaca ahb pitre mohair, aCknowi.eb!öj Ï'O BK THE BEST IN THE C.MTED STATES. THE i.SRCEST LIM OF PIFIAS A!ÏD WHITE COODS EVER OFfERED U TUIS CITY. Fuil ].:cs of the Popvkir Brandt of Domestic Goods at attest Prïce. VE SHALL MAKE A SPECIALITY OF CLOTIIS AXÖ CASSIMERES, and aro opening n vory large lino of French and Germán Cloths, English and Suotcli Suitings, and many Popular Styles of Aracrinan Goods. SVStSt$VÍivSSifMm iu í"km P;lcknse: obU!"ills 100 Ioz. IVapkin (wnrrnnted pari Unen) al 51.40. VER Y CHEAP. 25 " ITnnd Stitrl.ctl ISiindkcrcIiiefN, (warrarted poreLinenj ut 20c. Euch. SOO Pair I.iidioK' ('of Ion Hosc. (atra Qniiliiy) is, ca. O Doz, Iron Frame Cotton lose. VEItY E.OW PRÏCE.


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