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j-MIB LATE FlItË! We dcsire respectfnllj to cali lic attention of tao public to tlie 'act thiit we have tlio LARGEST STOCK oí1 WALL PAPER ! In tliis city. At rh the hte fin April 1íth, n rttonof LtiiH stock wris ii,urci by water; bat we kve Rssorted the potlre btock. and in order to 060 it ai! on' we offer i :d prfces ttut defy cooapeÖon. The imw-r whlcb we scü ai perfect we wlll :irr;ii:i Id all reepocf notwiih8 tan ding the pricea re from 20 to .') per cent. lower ilmn thoM hereto1 .-■il. We heye p;ipor sllghtly A&maged that we vfil :XTKEMELt LOW FIGURES! Wc have nleo tlie Lni-gest Stoek of Curtaim, Clcth and Faper Sladeö, Eollands, Cords, TASSELS. FIXTURES, ETC , To le fonnd in t-lil? citv. pnrchnsort ilirrctly from te Manufacturera at prloes a third lese tlian tlioee inreed by ithr bornes. We keop cutnutly ou haua a complete asscr!mcDt of SCHOOL BOOK8 ! STANDARD MISSCELLUEOUS Books, Staple and Fancy Sfcationery, Aibums. PÏCTUBES, k PICTURE FRAMES, f sil píícs anfl Rtylee, nnd nll otiici soodn in onr no, all of which wc offer for cash at luw rice. temember the place. Wo. 8 Kat Ilurun Street, a few doors ast of Cook's Hotel, Cali and examine our Stcnk, and gt Our Prices J, 0, WATSON & CO, Ann Arbor, April 26th, 1871. I3 00F1NU ! MICHAEL MÜRRAY FIREANi) WATERPROOF FELT AND COMPOSITION (RAVEL tt I0K8 ANDRODFINÜ MATERIAL Oderií Left at the Store of L. C RISDON will rective prompt Attention. UESIDENCE - Jcfl'erson Ptreot, Ann Arbor Mich Ali WOBK WAHRANTÜI. 1315-W4. yYKN ÏOU WANT FINE PHOTOGllAPHS 00 TO SAM. B. REVENAUGH, No. 30 ilurun Street. EOPLE'S DRUG STOtvr. R. W, ELÜS Bl CO. A.KT3ST A.R.BOK f ATE8T STYLES! U BE3T GOODS ! CHSATSST VAIUETV AND LOWEST PRECES ! ! S. SONDIIEIM TI1C TT-'- " " W1TII THE LAIÍGEST AND BEST SELECTED STOCK OP SPRING AND SUMMER DOODS E.VT'S FlUMSIinC EOOIS, HILDREN AND YOUTHS' CLOTIIIXG TRUNKS, VALISES, SATCHELS, &c, &o., &c, TIIAT HAS EVfiR BEEN DUOUGHT TO THIS city, wiiicu in; will sell Cheaper than the Cheapest for Cash. ALSO A FINE ASSORTMENT OF GASSIMERES, COAT1NOS, anl VESTINGS, WniCK HE WILL MAKE CP TO ORDER IN THÊ BEST STYLE, I ASD WARRANTED A FIT OR NO SALK Mortgage Sale. W TIERRAS, default has ïcen miulc in thoconrlitions of a certain mortgage, ,m.i exe d 5an;el Lonff( Jr., on the twenty-thinl day oi' Decfm ' tor, -V. l. etghteen hundred and sixtj-nún', to John itcCormick, 1 1 - 1 1 eqöi tdgo waa rooorítód ti i be mum lay, i'i the office of the Register of Deqds In and tor : y ui Washtenaw. Mirhi}';'". Id tibor forty-two if i!iuiit'j;;i"is, ;hh paffe two hnndred and iiity; mul Fhereai . ld onpaid Üie Bom of thirty tbUarsofl said and .tb6 note aooómpauying he smii' tor Interest, and the fnrther smnof toree lundxed dollars principal and accraing bitarost ubovc hi1 Hfii'l tliii'ty dollars will b w -■■■ '■■■ "n tli1 flrsi day rf Ootober nëzt) and there il alao thirty dollaj .hl attorney fee, proi idi ft tor ba saiá mortgage ahould :mj prooeeuingv oe taksnto feredoM Hbo Bsmoj mui!, wiifr.-as. nu prnci-fíiiiifi ; Uh or Ui -■.wity have boen taken to recover the sameor any paa i thereof : cotice b ■ by rirtueof the pover of sale oontained in iaid uiortgiige, tlüit on Monday, the seventeenth i;iy of Jnly D elghteen Imndrc! and Kresity-onei at the honr of twelve o'clook, noon. i -■ day, it the frontdoor oí' thi Couzt House for the oounfey oí WaahMHvi will iel] al public auotion, te the highest hiildcr. tito i cribad in snitl morteaffe, or suntcient thereof ii pay and satíafy the soid debt. the Intereel thereon, thecóftaand e of said sale, and tho atton ■ ded for in eoid morteage: Theaaid premiaes being deaoribedas that oertain pieoe ox pArcei of Land lying and being in the city of -un Arl)or, in the county of Wa&nteiuHr. bounded and doscribód aa Follows, w Ing the southhalf of the fbílowing deserfbed land, oounoed bythe Aun Arbor city limita on tliu north ; on tho BAft by the CatholioOeaneteryi en Bouthbytiie Chai I on the wf-t by l;inls rccitilly OOGUpied by Mm nik, l.i ing eighi pode In front ana ten roda doep. Aun ArboT, April lltli, 1871. JOHN McCORMICK, Mortgogce. O. Hiwnn, Attorney for AlortKAgeo1317-td. GotoR.W.ELLIS& CO'ê for strictly Pure Drugs and ,Modicines,PaintE,Oils,&c. gOMETHlNtí GOOÜ AT LAST! i AT 24 Main Street. The undersigned, having Jocated at this fpiace, lias just opened as FINE and SELECT an assortment of CLOTI, CASSIMERES & MM)Y VliSÏÏKGS, As can be fannd west of Xew York City, which he is preparcd to make up into the most STYÜSH GARMEKTS, AT THE SHORTEST NOTICE, AND LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICE. ALSO A I.INE OP GENTS' FURNISHING GOODS. Cali on JAS. BOYD and ho vill GIVE YOU FITS. JAMES BOYD, 1318tf 24 Main Street. rjn o FARMERS ! Idoílrcnow to retnrnmy hearty thanks for the liberalpatronage of the Farmers of Washtenaw aud acljotning Counliee, who have for 80 manv years in the past extended to me their trade, and I hope and tniftwitisfaotory aDd profitnbln to both parties. I hope to receive a fair shnre of their patronage in the future. My cflbrts will be houestly directed towards the Interests of my Cnstomers, 8 well asmyown. And apain myaim will be, not to keep a cheapsoods a posalble, bat a ü'od as c;mi be l'outiil BSdat as Low Kutos as the qunlily of ■ ' - ■ mi Si' nfl'oi'ilrd. X will not mulertakf to OompetQ ti ])'ic!H witli inferior goodft. I will not irapair tho qiiality of my implemeaU In order to re iuct t!ie price. The pnrehase ofcheap goods of any Idnd prove an nnprofltable InTeatment, as many liave found to their cust. I ahall keep a FUL STOCK OF FARMING TOOLS on hand, tïiat is penerally found in market. I am the authorked agent for thfoUowlsg THRESHXNG MACHINES I Genuine Buffaio Pitts, KiifTalo, N. Y . Iflichiffiin Srreepatakes, Iiattle Creek. Nic-liolK A Shepheril'M Viliralur. B. Creek. Xlic (eiser Machine, Racine.Wis. ALBO Tlie Champion Rcaper & Jlower, Srlf Rakr, The Kirby Self-Kakiog lUaper. Combincd. The RIrby Tuo-Uhrcled nower. Wood's Jlactilne, Combined i(h Self-Rakc JACKSOX WAGONS, Buckeye and Shnrtsvillo Grain Drills Fairbank'a Soales, all sizes. THE GENUINE CURTÍS AND DOOGE PLOWS Manufacturcd at Kalamazoo. I have located myself at the old nnd well-known Apple Packing thmsu of I) Uenning. on Detrol Btreet , opposlte Bacboi' Block.where I shall be happy t" meet as rrmuy of my old cuatoineri , and a many uew ones aa may picare to come. I have secnred thn permanent eirlce of Saraue lari ii, one ol' my old ihop hands, who perfect! undertaiids REP -A.ItI3ST C3All kinds of Aericnltnral Tools, and will tie o hand carly i:i the morotDg and late at night, whei Decesary to accommodate . m. rocers. Ann Arbor. April 1371.


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