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The Trustees of the Toledo and "Woodvllle Rnilroad Company (the city's road), and ils sonthern connecting line, the Balti more, Ohio, Toledo and MichlgaD Railroad ('ompany, tojrether wilh the Mansfield, Coldwater and MIcblgAO ('ompaiiy - havinfr possession of theliue from Tiffin and Mans Held- have closcd a contract witli the Pennijlvania Central Railroad Company which cures tlie early construction of these scvcral roads. This Is the contract the coniummatlon of which the officers of the Toledo, Aun Arbor and Korthern EUülroad hare been wnltltifj. They watted witli the cxpcctition and nssviranee - hnvinfr a writlen sunrantec to that eOVet- tliat when msile It would bind tlie Pennsylvania Central Uailroad Company to aid tlieir road tpon the same terms and cor.ditions given to the road south of Toledo. Bnt these ïoarantecs have not been complkd wlt'i, snd the contract as exeented by the con trseting partiea provides only forconstructln anti operatiugthu road to the northea line of the city of Toledo. Tbe Immcdiate resul t of all these long pending neotiations is to ent the Toledo, Aun Arbor aud Northern Hailroad Compiny ioose from all entaDgilug allianccs, Dd leave it to wort out its own silvation. has depended, too lonfr, apon extr.ineous id,and, perhaps, tliís set back will be a PWt thing. Wc hope that the Director? ill take an Immediale account of stock taate thelr line, let contracta, and enter "pon the construction of the road bed. Tbatdone, tliere will bc no difflculty in flortinp; good and Itrong railroad compnsyto Iron and run the road ; or, bettcr, in gctlinr the iron on tlieir own bonds, and In ■nakiug a flrst class connectlon at Toledo. % the proposed contract wlth the Pcnn 'ylvania Central, they would have liad to 'M the road-bed and glye it to that Comfny.'for the terms were nothing less, and br ncgotiatiiig oZer building the road-bed 'better coutract may be made. It the Directors show pluck, put sorae "Tc men in charge of the work, men ho ' not to do six day's work cacli week in Mfing (or their own affaire, and they will "■on find theraselves masters of the situntlon. - Weshould write more at length, but 'we return ing from Toledo, whither we ent on Monrtay with a commlttee of the lectors, wi' have been conflned to onr ""Mnd totally unflt for editorial work iew mutual lire msurance oompanj wWn orjranized In the Bontliweslen '""■ of lliis county . The SoiiMhti ktHiw tfatual Farms' Fin; Insur OceU)mpiiiy. Tlic nfficers are: Becretary ■ ". Palmkr ; Director, D LeBaröa, 15 Snttcn, Aiiflrew Spafard, JuotusBhort OMoDion Barber, and Stephen il. Merri m. rc prcsun,e that the " home office M tbe eompnny is at Manchester. 8. Cheney, (ormcrly editor and pub "ller or the Jnckson Patriot, and ouc ptmastcr of tliat city, dled in Detroit ' days since. The Tribune mistakenly W that Mr. Chbkbt was once pabltsbe wj'jurnal of this city. He was en yed DPon it for awhil ander Mr. Cole th ' IlLLEN lllforms the Anous reader snri h '8 n0VT PeninK llis second stock o B8 and summer goods. Go in and se


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