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$1,000 rewíird i oflerod by thfl propríefcoT of I i 'a Alt. l'.xi. ot Goldeft Medical Discovery for i al it in Ule con of " rjvcr Com I].iint" or Bilioiisiiess,' Constipatioi] of the Howcl Rronehinl Thrortt nucí I.iin:. diflCOKS, sever Oongh and n Ji blood purifler for thr cure üf f?ci-ofuloua rlis . Braptionai Tumors, Pimplas, Blotche nud líashosí ni)po]ing upon i he face. .Sold by di-ug gfstSi For Motli Patchesj Prectles And Tj, ITsePcrry's Moth and Freckle I-ofíon Th6 i'ti'y réllahlfl tittft barmini remedy for romovin lirown Iisco!orIion Üw Bktn. For Pimply Kruption., Black B1 uí-p, Blotche Dtofigoratloni on the fnce, une l'ern'í Comodona & Pimple Remcdy. Preparedonly bj Dr.JQ, C. Pcrry, Drmatologlst 49 Bond Street, New Vork. Sold f ilrngglata ev rywhert'. l.TMm-i Büiiníy fo SoIiHítf. ThosewhoelUtedln isíi on the flrst cali ofPrc? dent IJmVln , mi'l who were honorahly dtactaargei befortifio oxplration ofthe term of their pnUrt meiit. are entlUed to $ioo each, as bonntyAndsoldlersenltettng anderact of Jnly itít, 186aretobeallowedthe onpnld Instal mente ofbonntj fthey were discharod by explrfttlun 01 riieabove clasBês should make applicaüoo to the lüdersfgned. Mmxh-24ih!lS70, i-í'-tf JOHN N. GOTT, Bonnty and Olalm A;t-nt. Scrond lland nnd IV pw Org.inni And Uelodeonf forsnle vorv bticiip :it Prof. Mills' nnsicrooin. No. 43 Mnin Street. (Over Huil & liohIIN)lt.; ííTdtf Ai.vixwiLsr.T. To ffebradu, California, ansa?, and Ihc I!. & UT. K. R. !,:.n(N. stnrliu pointsof ttiis limite sre at Chicago una Peoría. The central point is isriiUNUTON', on the. MlSslSBlppI. It Ir.iver.-rs lilinnisnnil Iho wliole hreadtli of Southern lowfl. Nejlr the Mis' trnnk fm-ks int" tíiroc brauChca, for it hiis tlirco v: estén) terniii.i. It Dtfrthern terminus is Conndl Blttta, Trhere, croaslng to Omolm, It connecta wlth the Union Pair all places on the : i-.-i-i-'-im :t-ntHi mxt Pacitle rilopi'S. (t-r laud trnvtl nial trallic ChOOW thffl ïvliable routi' more nnd more. Itsnext terminus ! iDíoln, tne Caplííil oTJTelirM kn. lífty ive mllea #ei of the' Mtsaoiiii ut Platte. mouth. Thla is the only direct iivinne !" the So:uli Pl.itte cojintry, hete the i aloa f roUroad land laai Bctt&on, roae to half mllll in Tis Ihird termtBtu i at Haaabargs fin Ne1rask Ai Hambnli it in:iKs cl'ist eonncctlons! wictaciay, tot St. pToteph, I.oavcnwortli, anata ity, and the whole Sonthwcst.. In jonrneyinc; then, from the East to KftMSS, vin n. yon eujoy advantagca yu tan sm ure on 0 ollu;r line. Viiu liotli pnss" over a rond sec ui! to noother in speed . s:i!Viy, ir any Pollmknlnx cy of modern travftl : mul while on yowrwny. snr ijr the garden of Illinois nml Ml aonrl, at veil au i:i.' ' ■' acres of pratrle in 8onthw4ptern Iowa, now 1 inarket at lw pitceaand )oag credit. Keep !t then before poople weatward bn-,md, "to ikc tbi in Ii'i::;'." Isiotf


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