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Carrot Culture

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Carrots aro decidedly tho best root for stock that a farmer can raiso, oxcojit the sugar beet for cattle - the long orange by far tho the best. If fed daily through the winter, stock will keep rs thrifty and smooth as fed on good, green pastures. The proper way to cultívate is to select a deep, rich soil ; plow doep, and as early is the season will admit, say when the and is dry enough to thoroughly pulverde - ,y this time most of the foul seeds mve sprouted and are growing. Aftcr jlowing, harrow and pulverize Buffituont ;o receive onion seeds. Let it lie in this condition until the wecds come, then harrow or cultívate thoroughly, whioh will destroy all weeds sprouted. Then sow your carrots in drills eighteen inches ipart, all foul seeds near the surface having been destroyed ; and beforo a socond erop of weeds start, the carrots will bo up. Work ofteu and thorough with hoe and cultivator; thin out so as to luavo thtm eight inches apart. On good soil and a favorable seftsou, a erop of at least from fivc to six hundred bushels may be expocted. I consiiler thcra cheapor fodder thnn corn, and nothing is botter for stock, pxcept the sugar beet, whioh ahould be raisetl the same way. If plenty of sugar bpets or carrots are fod to milch cows in winter jrou need have no fear when y ju send your buttcr to niarket, of the inquiry : " Is it lard or buttcr 'f


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