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BU-UESá DIRECTORY. AiiArbor. L Btmemím Bik m '■. Bnw trae. n "■ ■■ iSSLMM MUM " '? [friin Oüunh . Aun Arlior, Mlch. e. wsass 'rKÍx f N,,rS.,t. Main tr.-.-l. .n ArlKir. ich. SVir i" '"i ,, teUlte. 0 on Hurón Strert. Ubcrtj flreet. nn rl) r. ______ 7ËW1S C. UISDON, Dealer In Bardmira. Xu :!' SoutU Miiinetrt. Arlxir. ___ ni iwDK : SN. Gruort, Provisión nd lmc,UiidI'latcr.aiidPlii8lcr París. No. 14SMI Homo streot o SDMIUEin, nuIMle and HftaiMK-aliT ö. 1 K!v Made'. I tae, lloth. Caedmenw, Ta!i87andOenf Fun,.,liii,, Qoudí. Ro.tfloolta J(am 8(not. Wíl. wAUM:H. Dler in Ready Md 'lolh tatAioS CHs'iincres. VwUns, nat. Caps, TrMksTCarpet l!g, &c 41 -oiiih Main slrc-et. J Sob-m M-dleal t and College Text Boj ks Uid l Mtacellaneoue Book. No. 3 NortU Main s.Griwy lIM:k, Aun Arbor. TULBT & fcEimS,1JelerlnBooí,8hol Sippere, Ac Nu. ■- Kast llurou ftreet, Ana irlwr. , __ }H. KKI.I.o;. Proprletorofttae Celcbratefl 1JiiwiHkt rs od ntlicr unhr remedies, nn .Mr Hioh. Tfi 0 C K ES Y . GLASSWABE & GROOERIES, J. & L Donnelly HtMta rtore alatnentock-f Crockeij.01Mwrc, llttoi Ware, ' p.tlery Orocenc, tx., c.. all to De oki t unusaHlW liiw price. H tl Bast Hnrim Street, Anii Aihor Ili8tf J. & P. POXNEM.Y. WM. M. SINCLAIR, C0JIMI8SION MERCHaNT IN GRAIN AND FLOUR, ROOM 14, 134 LaSAT.LE STREKT. CHICAGO. IJTOyl JOHN G. ÜALL, FRESH AND SALT MEATS, LARU, SAIJSAGKS, KIe. Order snlidted and promptly filled with thebcst ■uu In thr: markit. 01 Kunt Washington Street, inn Arlior, Svpt. lHth, 1S9. 123Mf V A K Iv S Ej i y oárS Manntacturerof Carriages, Buggies, Wagons, AN'D SLBIOHS of evcry style. made of the best '.erial, aod warranted. Repairiui; doue paomptly ui pricca reiKoimhlc Detroit Street, near K. K. Niot,ADn Arbor.Mich. lflyl jpTc. b. porter" 3DE3STTISTOSceiatheSAVINGS BANKBLOCK, Ann Arbor. 411 Operations on the Natural Teeth PERFORMED WITH CARE. DNSURPASSED FACILITIES AND EXPERIENCE SETTING ARTIFICIAL TEETH, TO GtVE EACH INDIVIDUAL, 'Urco tkc froper itu, tkapc,color. firmntttand na al ezpre$$ion. 1244 JUMBER YARD. C. KRAPF, n a Urge and well stocked Lnmbrr Yaril on wraon Street, In the south part of the Cii. ind ll' keep conetaully on lianii au excellent vnriety tf LUMBER, SHINGLES, LATH &C 'M will be wld a low u can be afforded In thl ket. ïanlity and prices uch tbat HO OHE NEED GO TO DETROITC. KBAPF. o Arhor, January 2Oth, 18T1 . 98 AGRICULTURA!. WAREHOUSE OPENED il A ui "II 8th Sast Sid of Kiver, ANCHE?TEK, - - IVaCH. PBMER8 ARE R88PECTFULLY 8OLIOITED ?SAIt}' AND EXAMIKKTnE MERIT S.tlALHY JSD PlíiiKS OF MV Sl-LKCTION." OF 1M1LE■■fc AND FARM NG 'I OOL. ''1311 !?. PORTKB. " OR KALE. n „A. TTouse and Tot 'kLk de State Sl. nt. Ia Hm lity ,.l Aun Arhor, tai .Í0? owth o! Whington: 'n'.c lol is IxS rixh. bw uwi"of brick, one un.l ■ htlf itorta. Will Ld i"n """" rm. Inquirí' of JiiiIko IJcnkcw, of tr"i "5""1. N'orthticlil, or uiMruu the undersigncd n'8hlantl, OaklandCo., Hlob. in Arbor, jun. 29 WJ1. 13O7tf Go toE.W.ELLIS & CO's kr chdice Wines and Liquore for Medical Purposes .


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