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The New Game Law

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Sporting men should paste in thoir hati the following law er.acted at tho rocent scssion of the Legislatura : Sec. 1. Th P,",j,!e of the State of Michigan, tuurt, That sections one, two, throe, fivc, nd eight of act ïiumlicr 114, of tho session laws of 1860, being an oot ontitled "An act to revise and consolídate tho sevcral acta relating to tho protoction of elk, deer, birds, and wild fowls, approvcd April 3d, 18G9, bc and they are heroby amcndd so as to read as follows: Sec. 1 . The People of the State of MM - gan enaet, That no penon or persons shall pursue or hunt, or kill any wild elk, wild buck, doe or fawn, save only during tho months of September, October, November and December, in each year, or kill ordestroy by any meana whatovt-r, anv woodeock,. until after the fifth day of July, or any prairie chicleen, pinnated chicken gronae, or ruffled grouse, coranionly óallod partridga or pheasant, or any wool duck, teal duek, or mallard duck, aavo only from the fifth day of August, in each year to the first day of Fobruary noxt following. Sec. 2. No person or persons shall kill or destroy, or attempt to kill or dostroy any quail, sometimos oalled Virginia partridee, save only during tho months of October, Noiasuber, and December, in eaoh year; and no person or persons shall kill ordestroy any quail in this State, at any time after the passage of this act, until tho lirst day of October, eightoeu hundred and seventy-two, undor a penalty of five dollars for each iiuail destroyod. Boe. :. No person or persons shall at any time, with a trap, or nare, or net take any partridge, prairie chicken, wood duck, mallard duck, teal duck, or quai!, or attempt to take with any trap, snare' or net, any partridge, prairie ohioken, wood duck, mallard duck, teal dftck, or quail, protided, tioir. c, , tliat it shall be lawful to trap quail and take them alive, for the purpose of keeping them alive through the winter and for no other purpose whatever, and it shall also bo lawful to tako with a trap, snaro, or net, mv wood duck, or mallard duck, for breeding purposes Sec. 5. No person or persons shall sell or have in his or her possession for the purpose of selling, or exposing for sale, any of the birds or animáis protected by this act, after the expiration of thirty days next succoeding the time limited and prescribed for tho killing of any such birds or animáis : Proviied, hoireier, That it Bhall be lawful to expose for salo and to sell any live quail for tho purposo of preserving the same alive through the winter. Seo. 8. That any railroad, express com pany, or othcr common carrier, or any of their agents or servante, or other persons having any of the above numcd birds or animáis in their possession for transportation, or shall transport the samo after the expiration of thirty days next succoeding the times limited' añd prescribed for the killing of such birds or animáis, shall bo punished by fine not less than ten dollars nor more than one hundred dollars. PrtriJa, That such penalty shal' "'+ rr'j '= u" tnañnP tiition of live quail which ai-u to be kopt through the winter, or to the transportation of such birds or animáis in (KMuftu through tho State from States whero it is lawful to kill such animáis at the time of such transportation.


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