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A Wise Woman

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ay mother taught me every vaiioty of [omestic work, leading me on from sini)lo to difficult proce8S(!S in this manner. ' My daughter, " she would say " now, if you will make this shirt very nicely, you hall make next a shirt for your ftither, and ho shall know that cvery sfitch was set by your fingers." How eager I was to learn the mysteries of shirt inaking, and how putiently my nothor taught me to set stitchus in the ïosoin, to baste in the gussets, to stroke l'e gathers ! How many button-holos I wörkocl on odd seraps of uuislin before slie eould trust me to make thosc in tho bosom and wristbands. But that shirt was my apprenticeship to the noedle, and since thi'ii dreeamaking, - millinery, tailoring, even hits had no terrors in my imagination, for if I could raake a shirt well I 8otíld nmko everything. I the sume way ehe ■stimulated my iiulusti y and ambition in cullinaiy matters. Whcn you h;ivc luarned to h and wipe the dishos very nieely, sho would say, " I will let you make some biscuit." Thcn I was peMnitted to raiso a step higher to' bread making, concootion of cakes and pies. I really thought in those days that I loved to do housework, to cook, sew and iron, luit sime thcn I have found out that 'lwis my inothcr's .■ubiiii;iiilr tnaaagenteat that made pastune if drüdgery.


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