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Tilton On The Democratic Policy

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We clip from the (Jolden Age, Mr. Theodoro ïilton's paper, the fpllowing, which we presumo to be bis views of tho fiituatipn. They will be considered vahiahlc ultd, significant by those in tho Bpubliuañ partv Avho havo admirod his Kauicalism in the slavery controvorsy. They are valuablo in another direction. Tiiey teaoh that ovnn Radical fyepuMipaai look witn hope to the Democratie action for thu pcaee and safoty of the country : ..-.■ "We havo ahvays belioved that had Chief Justice Chase been nominated, instead of Horatio.Seymour, and on a, platform whioh bowcd itsclf to providenco, instead of fighting the stars in their courst'H, he would have carried tho three Octobor elections of 1K6, and have been carrind by the Ímpetus of these into tho Presidential chair. If tho Democratie party should bc as win now as it was foolish tlion ; if it should accept tho amondmenta and forbid their roversal ; if it should acknowledgo the negro as a citizon, and treat hiin as such ; if it should throttle tho briganda who, in its name, so fire to good mtm's housos and murder their inniates ; if it should prove itsclf worthy of its ancestral name by reraembering the equal riiits of all men beforo Uu; law ; umi thon if it. should nominato a patriot instoad of a purtisan, the liosa oMufidate, whooves Lis might be, would simply sit in his saddle long enough to shivcr his lance, to be unhorsed, and to be borne conquered froni the field. " Kepublican as wo aro - yea, Radical among Redioak - Wfl believe that the groatost blesaing that eould befall the nation in 1ST2 would be to soe the Democraíic jirty ratífy the arbitrument of the, accept the plan of reconstruction, oarry out the fourteenth :ml fifteenth amendxaents, forget that -the negro is black, to roniember tliat he is a citizen, doolare itself against the rebel debt, and then on the basis of universal amnesty, Lnoluding the abrogation of all political 'lis:iliilitics, tiike victorious pussession of a SOTenuneai Avliich President Grant has failed to administcr to the siitisfaction of the country. " Believing these to be words of truth and BoberBeas, we eonimend theiu not only tü tliu Demócratas but to Republicans - in tho issurod oonvietion that any party which would not rejoico to sco its opponents sfcp voluntarily upward to a higher moral plano, deserves to ee itself outdono in public sjiirit and'óutnuinbered in popular support."


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