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Saumul Adams, known for many things, geldom had his namo associated with tho phraee first supplied by him to England - " Nution of shopkeepors." Franklia aaid many things that havo passed into maxims, but nothing that is botter kiiown and rcinnibered thftn, " He has paid dear, very dcar, for his whistle." Washington made but fow cpigramniatic spoechos. Here is one : " To be prepared for war is the most effectual iucans of preserving peace." Did yon ever hear of old John Dickinson '( Well, he wrote of Americana in 17G8 : " By uniting we stand, by dividing we fall." Patrick Henry, as every school boy knows, gave us : " Givc me liberty or give ino doath," and " If this be treason, make the most of it." Thomas Paine had many quotable epiSraiHiuaticsontences : " Rose like a rocket, fall like a stick ; " " Times that try men's souls ; " " One step from the sublime to tho ridiculous," otc. Jefterson's writings aro so besprinkled that it is dilïicult to sel;ct. " Few die and none rosign " - certainly as applicable to officc-holders now as in Joiferson's time. Josiah Quincy, Jr., said : "Wheresoever or liowever we shall be called on to make our exit, we will die freomen." Henry Lee gave Washington his imUIUH..1 íiii . riio iü witi; nrSt in peaöe, and first in the hearts of his countrymen." Charles Cotcsworth Pinckney declared in favor of " millions for defense, but not one cent for tribute." " Poaceably it we can, forcibly if we must;" is from Josiah Quincy, 1811.'. . Andrew Jackson gavo us " The Union - it must be preserved.." Beuton almost lost his original identity in " Old Bullion," from his "hardmoney" doiitrine. -.. Governor Throop, of New York, was called " Small Light Throop " for yeara from a phrase in a thanksgiving proülamation. Scott's " hasty plate of soup " lasted his lifetinie. Taylor's battle oi-der, " A littlo moro grape, Captain Bragg," will be quoted aftel he is forgotten by " all iho world and the rest of mankind."


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