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A Broadside From Sherman

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Gen. Sherman made a speech beforc the Union Club in New Orleans during hi-s recent visit to that city on his way to Toxas. In that speech he gave his ideas of tho Ku Klux and forcé billa, vhich have boen so popular with the Radical majority in Congress. After remarkine that when tho Confederates surrendetert to tho Union arias he believed they did so in good faith, and that all subsequent difficulties havo arisen in consequence óf evil legislation on the part of Congress, hé" said : "I probably have as good mearis of inforination as most persons in regard to what is called the Ku Klux, and am perfüctly satisfied that the thirig is overestimated, and that if tho Ku Klux bilis wero kept out of Congress, and tho army kept at its legitímate duties, there are onough good and truo men in all the Southoni States to put down Ku Klux and all othor bands of niarauders." This is no doubt ti-úe: But what encouragement have the good men in the South to act ? As soon as offense against law is committed by somo abandom i persons tho whole South is ohargëd with committing it for political purposea, Thosc mon are not penuitted to have ;uiy influence in tho management of gowmment anuir?. THey are donied every privilege oxoept that of paying taxes, and yet they aro held responsiblo for tho peaoe and good order of society, and tho efficiënt execution of the law, by tho Radicela of tho North. Nothing could be more inconsistent or unjust. They have no voicc in makwg thú lays by which thoy aro,gotíráea, anfl are not, of riglit, rosponsible for tlieir faithful tion.


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