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This gr"nt!envm is tho Nntive CTnndrdate for Governor of Massadiusett. The Detroit . AdVertiser thns describes Munt "Some ñvfífAii nod twpnty years ngo, Mr. , Shnw forfeited; the confidente of his feilow citizensby voting m Congress for ilie Missouri compromhe in favor of sfavery. He has neTer rejrnine'l :t. Ue has once r twice representedhis towrr íti ifrc Le'i3lotnre. but every effórt o rh-e hifrher has been stemly rebuked, notwillistandin hÏ3 emirjent nnd' popular tnlcnte. Yew mon surpass liim in ability ond eloquencerand lie inight once havo'reasonablv aspired to highest honorp of his nairre stüte. - Rit he early sacrificed alf on the shrine of lavery, and is now fain' to feed on the dry bueks of "Native Americani8m.'r Instead of Uenry Shtsw read Henry Clay, anti the story will be aubstontially trire on n targe scale. Mr. Q] ay originot ed that Fame wcompromiee in favor of Y7rwry,'rad "earJy 8Bcririced a!l on the ehrin Of Slavery."- The Adverti8er has never 6aid any thing about "sternly rtbuking" Henry C'lay for hU treason to the cause of Liberty f IIow contemptible - how despicably liule - ia a mere party man, who ha no will or mind of hi? own, but reckles8 of right or wrong, goes crawling about, like a cowardly wolf in the night, to do somethingr he cares not whnt. which shall damnge the opposing party, or build up his own! A more contemptiblc beug1 cannot be foiind in the imiverse.- - - tt?3 The British Military and Naval Gazette says that at the sacking of IstaliflT, in India, "íbr two days Major Sanders, of the Engineersr was engaged in directing the work of destruction, and for this space the place was given over to fire and sword; not a living soul was spared, whether armcd or unarmed; the men hanted doten like wild beasts; mercy was never dreamed of!" ttT The St. Joseph Counly Republican, (Dem.) has just published the bill to improve the Administration of Justice, which passed both Houses last winter, and was pocketed by the Governor. It was published in Signal about the time of its passage through the Legislatura.


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