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The Ill-fated Australian Steamer

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A fatality Becms to follow every attcmpt to establish steam linos between Kngland and Australia ljy tho long sea route round tho Cape oí' Good Hopo. l'irst in the list of terrible disasters was the wreek of the Iloyal Charter on hor homeward voyage, and ahnost in sight of lier destinad port. Nearly all on board tli; ill-faU'd ship perished, withiii a stone throw of the land. Thou came the fonndering of the London in the Bay of Bisoay, with her passengen and crew. Next the stranding of the Boyal Btam Lard, on the eoast of lirazil, with the loss of ten nr tWolve livcs, and now the cable reporta the loss of tho new and splendid steamship Queen of the Thanies, with the reportud loss of many Uves, The Queen of tho Xhames was launched in August last from the building yard of Messrs. Napier A: Spns, and was pronouneed by experts to be the mest beautiful and best fitted steamship ever built upon the Clyde. Bhe WM 3;iö feetin length, 11 fuet beam, and .'Jl feet deep, nieasuring 2,(517 tons. Her coinpound engines 0Í -100 horse-power nominal drove her twelvo knots per hour ou hor trial trip, consuming loss than one ton of coal per hour. The huil was divided into three fire-proof and watcr-tight coinparttaeiftg, :md every imjirovciuent tfinding to give acconvmodation and safoty to passengiïrü. Oflicers and crew wore libfrally provided. The niaiu galoon, 100 feet long, was (legantly decorated and luxuriously furnished, and the cabins, bath-rooms, etc., etc., wero all that the moM faetidiona and exucting voyago could desire. The Cèucen of tho Xhames was a full-rigged ship, heavily sparred, and must have spread a perfeot cloud of canvas to favorablo winds. Slie sailed from London to Melbouriif in November, had a quick run out, and was on lurr flrst return voyage at the time of her reported loss. The loss of so fine a ship is a deplorable casualty, but the loss of lifo is worse ; and as the Queen was fitted to carry 1")() first cabin, 150 second oabin, aiul 1,000 stcerage passengers, and was themost attractive passenger steamship that ever sailed out of the port of AI elbourno, slie prol'ably had a large number on board, and as the cable reporta " it is fcared that tho loss of lifc is hirgc," the oalamity may prove to be more deíttuctive and sad than tither the Koyal Charter 01 London wrocks. It is generally conceded that the man who manufacturo Ku-Klux outrages -fjr the Philadelphia Pnntt is botter '■ up in liis part" than any other man in the birntry: He can beat tho Now York trümnt man two to one, aud not half trjv The -cíl vrbich lias just been bored at Muskegon is now conidered atfihübd At thedepth ií'1,:í(m.Hc,t tlie augerstruek a i)owertul straiun oí iwintirní vtoteri nnd on beiñg withilrawn t ii wolled itp to the siuface aud has since ten ruiming over.


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