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Ajiibarg & Cos. Uuldmi Menagerie wiii gtlve two rand exhlbitlons In tliU city OU TuL'sday, May x!d, nftei'ooon and cvenlug, ui iy$ and 7 o'clock. Th'.s immense establlshmtut, wliich in repu Led to be thelargest most costiy, lu&erestlng umi instructivo meuagerie in the worid, will arrive at au early huur in this city, and after thelr mam motil, ix center-polo pnvilllon is arrauged, will, in the ufteraoon at l}.2 o'clock, give a grand roatineu lor laralUes and ckoois. In the eveuimg, ui 7 o'clock, the gccond uud laut ezlllbltlód will be glveu. It ilioulU be iindcrstood that this is au ex ciusive exhibition of living wild aulinals, forming tlic largest. umi most complete zoolog,ic&l collectlou evw brouglft logctlitr on tUis coDtlueut, Tiicre bus been no stich exliibltlon in this ei Ly fora lou, time, and ihe public may rely upon Wltnessln: ai) l'. iJDMiiion of aaiuiuted uuture tiurpasslng auytliing aml averytlilng oi the kind liitiierto acliieved by private eatcrprlue ell&er in tliis country or Kuiups. The Vun Amburt; tnenagei'i has been cstablishud ioc uearly bulf a ceutury, aud bas always been acknowledged as tiio luoat completo ai. d Üi-uulue aniinsl display extunt. Ëullrely iree frotn uil featuretj ol' a qucst:. moral teudcucy, and emineutly lustructive Instructivo in its cliaivicter, this maniiioth exblbltlon üll'ers to old and youiig uu op portunity lor t!ie study of uatural liistory, and to view t!ie rarest varletles of the aulmal klngdom, sucli as are not likely tb occur aain lor many years. 'l'he dlltlngolsbed leaturo of tiie golden iiieiiugerif, uext to its unptirulleled ULiiini lude, consista in tliu great nninber of extreme!y rare species liever before se.n ii Ameiiea, whicn it coniains, while for vmiety and coii)pleteuts notlting to conpare wil h it lius ever been bruugUt before the public. Flvo hundred living tpecliouut of the rarest beasts and birds kuown to naturalista are Cpmprised in this coliection. which occupies an euorinóus canvas, is lai'e assix ordinary circus lents, and has been brongbt to the prexeut iate of ma nitiidtí mul perfectlQii ouly aftel' au expeuillluN of three hundred tliousaiid dollars. A great variety of IntéresUug performánoes, introilncinji many dillVivnl species of hlgbiy trofued animáis, trick pouies, crlucated (nu. es, saacious ijoats, und a tliorougbly trainee! troupe Of caiiinucouiaili'uis, will add lo the '.uterest of fcacli exhibltion. The celebrated ';.on conquero;, Prof. Laag wvtiiy, will excïute somc aetoulglilns feats ia the den of performlug Hoos aud timers. An iuteresting leeture ou Natura] History, by l'iot. Elllugbam, in whieh the trui ts and bablts of tin; animáis are brielly sununed up, is a uovel IVatitre. The spectacular procession, formed on entering the City, will be lound a pageant of brilliniit descriptiou. It will pass tbrongh t:t' principal .streets betweeu ninc aud ten o'clock. A.mbng the fea tn ría of the parade is a inajesti'1 llon, irc-3 au:l iintraninielcd, upon the dais ol one of the platform tablcaux csrs, beside his keeper. It wül doubtless attract an Immense throng, and tiie exhlbltlon, both afternoou aud rveniiiff, be well pat ronized. Keinember, Tuesday, May 23.


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