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A Speech By Gen. Sherman

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New Yo uk, May 8. Thomas W. Conway, Soci'Otary and Treasurer of the Union Leaguo Club of New Orleans, writes to the Tribuut: fchat on the 22d uit., ut. a reception giyen to General Shormun, the General mode tho following spéeoh : "Me. rui:sii)E.T - I am not inuch of a spi.'akfcr. Myiwíí is action, not epoeehmaiing. I 'lo nut wish my remaras this ivoning to bc ruported in tliu newspapers, Por I soa that what I said n the occasion of another reeoptiou since my arrival lian been cntirely tnisrepraseüteu, and I airi creditud Vith word I did hot uttor ut all. Thereforo, I hopo thorc; aro no reportera icre to servo the present interview as they sorved the otlier to whioh 1 have alluded. My duty us eommander of the iiriiiy of the country kecps me tmployed in military mattere, and by that omployment I may be enabled to assist the nation in its civil and politioal interests. Büt I don't Svish to be considered a politician. I is wel] as I can to do what my official duty compnls, and, in doingthat, )in (ayselt auiply employod. I do not seek any civil position whatever, and do not wish to be suspocted of doing so. Indeed, I thould positively declino any offer of a civil or political position. 1 mean to devote my wn oio time in future to the study of the military art, not v.illi fche viuw ot' destroying, but as a muaus of' promoting the good of all, uven the lowest classes of uur citizens." Tlio latost style of a party is to ■ fan placed at each Lady's plate, on ulii.b is printed the bill of faro, and on the ii'1 "f whioh i.s t smalt loolgna-glasa so rlut s.Uo may bo üM'j tj Gurvey 1.. oud, kiej) cuol


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