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f" ATEST STYLES! BEST GOODS ! GHBATEBT VAIUSTY AiD LOWEST PRICESÜ S. SONDHEIM {AS JCST RITÜRNSD PBO WITII THE LAKGEST AN'P BESTSELECTEDSTOCK OP SPRING AND SMO GOODS CC.XT'S FlilMSaiVC COODS, VEN AND ÏOUTM' CLOIDKG TRUNES, VALISES, SATCIIKI.S, &c, &c, &c, T1IAT II AS HVKH BBBW BROI'GHT TOTHIS CIÏV, WlilCU 1+E WIJ.L BELL Cheaper than the Choapest for Cash. ALSO A FINE ASSuRTMENT OF OASSIMEJ2E8, C0AT1NGS, ani VESTINGS, WHICH UE WILL MAKE UP TO OltDBR IN THE EEST STYLE, AND WAKRANTED A FIT OU NQ SALK. D OOFING ! MICHAEL MURRAY FIEEAND WATERPROOF KELTASD CQMPQSITION GRAVEL RWKS ANDRÜUFlNd MATE1UAJ, Orders Left at the Store of L C ISDON yill receive prompt Atreution, KESIDENCE- Ji'fferson Street, Ann Arbor Mica. AI.L WOUK WAUHANïKD. 13J'J-w4. W HEN y OU WANT FINE PJIÜT0G1UPHS, GO TO SAM. B. REVENAUGH, Na. 30 lluro Sti.t. PHYSIIMS' PRESCRiPTIOSS" ACCURATKLY AKn ' CAREFÜLLY PREPAEED BT ,'- W. I'U.LIS L JO.,DHUUG1S'JS. QOMETHINü GO JU AT LAST! AT 24 Main Street. The undersigned. having located at this fplace, bas just opecod as ÏINE and SELECT au asaortmcut of CLOTHS, GASSHHERÍ k FANCY VEST1KGS, As can be found weet of New York City, which he is prepared to makc up into the most STYLISH GARMENTS, AT TUE SHORTEST N0T10E, LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICE. ALSO A LIXE OE GENTS' FVRNISRINO GOODS. Call on JAS. BOYD and hc will GIVE YOU FITS. JAIMES BOYD, 131Stf 21 nain Street. rjn o FARMERS ! I delire now to return my henrty thsnks for the libnnU pAtroDgfl of Llie Karmers of Washteiüiw and attyotning Countiea. who have fur ho innuy yesnin tho past extended i me (helr ti-adc, and I hopo and tfqhtafttlsfftctory and prptttabte to botb parues. I hope io recelve n faïr ehare of thelr patmnáffe }q the future. My effurls will be houebtly dïructed towarda the Iuterests of my Customers, Uwéll aömyown. And at;ain my aim will be, nt to k'iep ua oueiip gqods as possiblü, but ae od as eau be (innid-aiidai as I.ow UatoB a tbo quality of ds cao bd aflbrded' I will not undcrtutic to compete In prtcea wlth inferior goode. I will notimpair tbe qnallty of zny implenientt ín order to r6 duce the price. The parchase of cheap goods of nny i kind provof an unproíitable invíitnient, aa many huyu foi.nd to thuir C0St. I ha)l kiep a FLLL STOCK OF FAKMÏXG TOOLS pn hand, tlmt is ganerally fonnd In uiarket. lam tbc auihoiiiüd aul for the MluwingJ THRESHÍNG MACHINES ' Genuino IluffHlo I'ittN, liufTalo, M. Y. 'Ii SMe'pNtiike(i,HnttleCretk. ii liols A SUejilicrd'ü Vibrator, B.Crcek. fixv dicikcr Vachiuo, Eiuine, Wia. ALSO TilC ( h im;;iün I{carr & TIoh -r, Srlf-ltakr. The Kirby Solf-ltakiiix Keajicr, (oniMntd. The Hirby Tw-Hhceled Jlowrr. Wood's Tlathine, Combiued wilh Sclf-Rakc . JAOKSOX WAGONS, Buckeye and Shnrtsville Qrain DrillsFairbank's Scales, all sies THE ÓENDINB CURTÍS AND DOOGE PLOWS, Miumfactured at Kalaiuaz 'O. I have Incated myelf at the old nnd well-known Apple Packing Houm of 1) Hennlng, on Detroit Btreet oppoaite Baoljtos' Block. whera I hall bc happy t" uiott u míuy of my old custonicrs, uucl as iiuiny iicw oueb a m;iy pleaso to cotue. T tnivo secured the permanent services of Samuel McH aren, ope of my old shop hands,, whu pcrfectly uudvr.HiiuilH 2R, E I? X K, 1 3ST GAll kiüiln df Ariiujinral Tool, and will be OQ hand carly. in th inoruiii uud lUu at niht, wheü uecöttsury tü accoiomodftto M. ROGERS. ! Anu Arbor, A)ril lst 1ST1.


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