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■NJEW GOODS i REOEIVEÖfinleyXLewis ! CALL TUE ATTENTION OP TJ1E l'EOPLE OF '11IE CITY AND COUNTRY TO 1'HEIR BXTBNSiyK AND WELL A8-OKTKD STOCK OP SiEASONAISI.E CJÜODS IN TUE UNE 01? BOQTS -&3STÜ SHOES, Whlcli tlicy uqw have In stnre.nml to whlch cqn tnut addllions wil! bc made ïltrmitmut i. tic svason' Tho rood8 which we offer are new and frvsh from Ihe Fitctoiy, aud iu all caepstrtU e foiinü as reproetiutpd, nviinr DE$CRiraüx of LltíHT ND HEAYY IVORIv, VOli miSj WO3ICN AM (IIIIDBÏS. Wc have tho KKCLUSÍVE SAZÈ OP THE CELËBRATED (VI.F BOOTS A.tD SUOES, Made by JMES M BUKT, rF N. Y. CITY. EVERY PAIR WARRANTED urn IN STOCK AXD W(JiK. Alta thn KKCLVSTVR SAI.K of REYNOLD'S BHO'S, LAD1ES I IX i: .SUOES 01' KV KKY S'TYLE liC nlx-ve wenk i- f:ir superior to nny hnratofore F.Vï'i ÍTciHa in ihis iiy. alm wc uiruiilee it ui (vt'ry [iMrtiriilur. Hiul wil ft al T&Ñ PgK CLX1 boluw UcU'tH PrlOpti üu the sillín' i;outU. W)0 VOLUMES IN ONE. AOBNTS WANTBD FOR The Library of Poetry and Sofag - -fitina Vkoiet Stltctwnt fram the Bett 'vv linrlisli, Sciitrii, Iriah and Amrrlron, b With aiijjatiodnctif n By WILLIAM OOXLBR BRTANT, Vndcr ivhose erilical supervisión tht volume tem wmpïUd. The Uand'oracKt and chcapest ubicrlptlon book c-xMnt. Over 800 page, hexiuifnll prlnwd. cholcely illnstratcd, haudeomrlr bonnd. U-Litrrmrf nJÈ óirr 3O0 rolumtí in ove fc," wiiose cnstenu, f nu ephcmiTal 'natiirr or inlrrmt, wlll nTcr Krw oíd or Halo. It can bé. and vriU be, : rrkd ud rrcad with pleasare It o!d and, aa ]upe ai ita leives hold together. t i ' A perfect enrprtse. ficarerljr nTtliInt i all % fnTorite, or t all worth j of phir her, la nclrcua. It la a bookfor every honsehold." - V. } Mail, " We know of uo elmllar collcctlon la the Kncll'k !:n:.'it.'!i. wliii'ii. In1 rupioirxnurA ah'd fcllcilT of Irctiun mul arranscmeut, cun at all compare with It.r- -V. X, Tima. . ],. Tenas Libfral Sdlinp Ter rapidiy. Sen4 fr Circjilnr nnd Terms to J. B. FOR1) & CO ÍT Fnrk l'l ... . . N. V. islsU n _ _ AM, B. REVENAURH, PHOTOGHAPÖER i RETOUCHES ALL ïllS NEGATlf EJS BEPOREtRtNT. ING, !SÖ TÜAT FRECKLE8,Ü(iïHSANDTAN lio not ,sho)r in any of lus Picture. No Extra Charges. Go to R. W. ELLIS & CO'é 1 for choice Wmes and LiqucTf il for Medical Purposes . Í 1_ . ! I?


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