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E? WAROB l'EA( ■.'. Too Jacobs, the Clothier, intends to keep prictti down. jQfpone dUpvtettht ad that his solea are the üugest over mo4e ín Ready Made Clothiag, at rotaÜ, in Waahteaaw County. Heliaa oever pèrmitted his stock to bo EQUALED in amount by any othar Botue Xcithfr hu he pennftted hia goods to bo sold for what they won not. U21 ThUHêt KN-AVKaM 8WI2Ï DLER3 1 ! I These a :v mild tonus wit'u wlik-li to desígnate tlioae mean con tempt advanfeunm, who have bct-n tnduaed by the high roputatton which Dr. Bsg'a Cataxrh Bemedy hs won to put up and oSTlt for boIg n worthless bnltotioq uf this oolsbmted modiclnd. lïcracmbcr tliat Dr Pii ;■ a'n privnic Btaanp, whieh i tlie on!y potttivt g ■■■■- antee uf gennap- ■, áhouM ba upon enrery paokage. This private stamp, iacued by the ij. S. QoTcrment aiLpxeealy for Btiuaping Dr. i'u roea medb Inea, on it his iwrtr.iiï, name and and thewordu ■' l'. s. ( iorüflcate of Oeanhu aew.n Don't tii nrindledbymeu calliqg Ui#iqelrB Ur. Suge; Dr. lï. V. Pierce of 13uffulot X. Y-, ia tïio only muu now living tlmt has tin1 fjght and erm prep;ire the genuiue and original Dr. Sage'e Caturrh Bemedy. Bold by druggisti, or sent by mail on recoipt t)f wxtj Poiiit Iace Miaitl-. at 87.30 f roUk Aucliois. dloRp iet ló.OO, uf lliu WEW IJItIJ.MÍUV STORB. A Xc-w Stock af lAiHI.KY SIIAWr.S, at WINL8 & WOKDEN'8. Vu can buy a S'oiiil I.acc Sliav. I froin Auitiüii, lor 810, worfh doublé the mom-), nt tlie IVcw .Ilillincry slorc, 47 Soutb TCuin Street. Süldiwrs of 1312, who sorvdd sixiy dav nrn en tülod to l'eusiüu, and should opply immcdiatuly to John N. (utt, Iiuuuiy aud Pcns'.ou Aytut, inu Arbor, flilcb. Vou riinnot niaKi' a bvttcrinvostmcnt worili s "' O (Umi to buy a l'oiiit l.uc Shawl for it at the IVcw Tlillïncry Store. A Large Stock qf NJlf CABPET8, at WXNE8 i WOKIjEX'S. The New ]flilliuery Store 47 South liiiu Street is huadquarters for Puraftolú auil fmiB. A SPLEND1U STOCK of Jupaucse fcilks and Toplias, Just rect-ivel at W1NE8 & WORDEN'S. - 1 1 ■ mn ■■ - Fir Mol h ]'atchcs, Freckles Aud Tiiu, Ue Porry'M Motil and Freckle Lotion 'ii onl y rellable and barmleu remcdy for reinovin trown Discoloiations from the skin. For J'imply Eruptious, Black Heade, Blotohed )isflnrïiLu)iiH ou tho face, uae Perry'e Comcdone (fc Uinpic Slciuudy. l'reparod only by Dr. B. C. Perry, Deiinatologist, 3 Boud Street, Jcw York. Sold by drugiols cvuywherii. J314m4 itounly to Soltiicrs. Tliosc whocnlietedin 1851 oiuhu Intcall ofPrcseut Lincoln, aud who were honoraWy dlBChsrgad ofpretho expiration ofihe term of tlicir enlist ucut. are euuüed to $100 eacli, as bounty. Atidsuldiürsuulistiuj,' uudur act of .Tuly 4th, 18(14 re to bc alluwi:d Lliu unpaid Inètabnanta ofbouuty fthey wcre cliacharged by expiration of service ?heabove clay-suë should make applicatiou to the uuderHiiicd. Hare& a-itli,l8T0, IStttt JOHN N. GOTT, Boanty anJ Claim Auvut. Srrond Hand and c4 OiKar.s Aud MelodeiniB forsale very cheap at l'rof. Mills rausicroom, N'o.43 MaiuHtieut. (Over Hnll&RobInson'a.) IJTGtr ALVIN' WILSKY. To Xcbraska, California, Kansas, and (tic B. & n. K. K. Lands. The slartliiR polntt. of thi liuute are at Chicago nl Peoría. The csnttS) poiiit is BUltLINO'ION. uu the Mlwlnlppl. Il traveries Illinois and thu whol breadth of BoDthern Iowa. Nenr the llissuuii il trunk forks iutu three branches, fur it has thie wesU-ru termini. lts norlbern terminns is Council Bluffs, wliere crotalut; t) Omaha, it connecls wlth the Union Pa cifle fór á'.l plació 011 the intra-cuuiineulal and Pa eillc llopea. Over-luud travel fflii traille choeme thi r.liable ruute more and more. lts uext termiuuM is Lincoln, the Capital of Nebras ka. Ufty live milis west of the Minonrl a: Plans moath. 'l'hiü ib tile only direct avenue tu the Sout Platte country, wbere the Hales of raiJroaU laud lab sea&on, rotje to half a millluu. lts third termimus is at Hamburg, and Xebru-k City. Al Hambacgi It malees cloac couneclutu. uviceo day, for St. -loseph, Lcavenworth, Kuuji City, and thsüiole Southwest.. In jouruHhtilen, froul the Eant to Kansas, vl Burliutít'ílTou tsnjoy advaotage you can secure o no othcr line. You both paasí over a rmiil .-■ ond to noother in speed, safciy, or auy PullmaD lu ury of modern travel : andwhileou your way, su vey the garden of Illiuoi and Ui itouii, as well a 4üütooo acreti of irairie m Sonthwcrttero lowa; no in marketat low pricesaud loig credit. Keep it then before people we.tward toundT M t tatc'.LoUur'ujjrtúKo-li;." fSWtt


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