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A gREAT MEDIOAL OiSCÜVERY. jilIlJ.IONS licor ToHtiirioiiy to tbr V. in:.I.Tt':l ('ui ulive Kflects of lili. WLLKEIIS CAI.IFOIIIVTA J. WA1.KKH Prwpnotor. K H. Mrln)N Al.r le Co.. Draolfta and Qn. A'U, SimKrai.cIsoo, Cal., nuil S2 uid 2 St, S.V Ylneenr liittcrs are not avilo Fnncr Drink. Madoof Peor Kun:, WMskry, i'roof Spirits nmlRcfilHc liKiiior doctorad, spiced uncí swcetened to picase the tnste, called "Toriles, "Appetizcrs," " Kcstorcrs," &c., Ihat lead tlio tipplcr on to drunkenness and ruia.liut tire a truc Medicine, mado from tlio Nativo Roots and )Icr13 of California, lree froin all Alcoholic StimnlnntH. Tliey are tlio GKEAT ISLOOD PUBIFIBR nnl A MFE UIVIXG l'KINCIPLE, a perfect Kenovator and Invigorator of tlio System, carrylnj; o(T all pojsonons matter and restoring the blood to a hcnltliy condltion. No person can tako tticse Bitters accordlng to e'.lrcctions and rcmain long univcl!, provldcd tltclr bones are rot dcstroycd by mineral polaon or other inc ans, and the vital organg wasted beyoud thc polnt of ropair. Thcy nren Gcntlc PnrRnllvr n wcll nn n. Tonic, possejslng also, tlic peculiar mcrlt of acting a:i a powerful ngent l:i rsUcylng Congestión or Influíanintlon of tlic I.iver, and all tlio Vlioare! Organs. FOIt FEMAI-E COMFLAINT.I, whether In youngor old,marrlel or tingle, nt tho dawn of womanhood or at the turn of Ufo, these Tonic Bitters havo no CQiinl. For ltidninmnKiry nnd Clironic IMiriimntlam mul Gout, Dynpi-psla or Imiicrntlon, DilloiiH, Rcmii trut nndlntcrii::itcut I'cvcris, Dlscnscs of t!:e Woud, Iiver, Kiflucy, nnd Bladder, these Bittert havo been most fiucccssful. Such Disonsen nrc causcd by Vltiatcd Blood, whlch Is 6cncr:illy produccd by dcrangcinent of thc Dlnentlvo Ortrnns. DYSPEPSIA OU INDIGESTIÓN, Hca,'. ache, ruin in the Bboalden, Coagbt, Tlghtncst of the Chcst, Dizzincss, Sour Eructatior.s of the Storaacli, Bad taste la tlic Month, Bilious Attacks, Palpltatlon ofthcIIeart,InflammatlO!l of t!io Lungs, Pain in tho regions of the Kidneya, and a kuneïred othcr painful symptoms, nrc thc oflfsprlügs of Dyspcpela. They invigoratc the Stomach and stimnlatc tho torpld llvcr and bowcls, whlch render them of nncrmallcd eBlcacy In eleanslng tlie blood or all lmpnritles, and Imparting new lifo and vlpror to tho whole sj-Btcni. FOK. SKIN DISEASES, Ernptlons, Tctter, Salt nhcum, Blotches Spots, PimplcR, Tnstulcs, J?ol!s, Carbuncles, Worm?, Bcald-Head, Ecrc F.ycs, Erisip. clas, Itch, Scnrfi, Dlscolorations of thc Skin, Ilumors and Dlscascs of thc Skin, of whatcver niimc or nature, mo literally dug up and carricd ont of thc pyjtom In a fliort time by the ufc of these Hittors. One bottlo In puch enses m II conviücc the most incrednluus oí their curative elTcct. Clcanse tlie Vitlated lïlood Tvlienovor you find ita Impui-itica burstiiiBthiniiphtheBklninlMnipks.Eriiptlonsor Sores, cíenme it wtaen yon Bod It otwtnicted and slngglsh In Hip veins: clranscll ittsfoul.and jour fecllngs will t-ll you irben. Keep tlie blood nure and thc hualth of Uio sy6tem win foiloiv. PIN, TAPE, onrtfllhcr VOKÍÍ., Inrklngln tho pyaLeui of ao ninny thouBands, aro etfectnitlly (icstrovcdand remored. For fnii dlroctlnne, read riircfiiily the circular around ent-h bottlo, prlntod in four languages- Eiigllsh, Gensao, Frenen and Bpanteb. J. WALKEI?, Troprictor. K. n. McDOXALD CO., Dru{-;ists and Ccn. Agcnts, San Francisco, Cal., and S2 ar'! 34 Comnicrce Street, Kcw York. rT-SOLD BY ALL DRUGGISTS AND DEALERS A UGUST lOth, 1870. NEWWHEATFLOUR superior quiiliiy, at the ANN AHBOE CITY MILLS. Vcry nice boltcd Oom Mcal, cor?o Meal, (rahrim Plonr - good aecond qnaüty Floar ut w price, - Oracked Wln-it, imd :i!l kinds of Peed, nt loweat priccB, mui dolivcrod iü any jmrt ofthecity. Ternis Canb. BW" Onl' rs !cft In ray Order liox at the Post Office promptly attendcd to. liü-i J. T. SWAT1IEL lleal Estáte for Sale. OTATE Oí MICHIGAN, Coontyof Woahtonaw, se. 0 ' ■ ■ ■ ro bho i itate 01 Fnuik W. Goodale, minor: Notice i.- In n-l.y giren, that in pnrsuanoe of an order grimt 1, Guardian of the ;n.l minor, by the Hon. Jndgeof Probate, Coz iln' roiinty of Waahienaw, "i the twenty-aixth ï;iy ot Ainil. a. ii. 1871, there will be so!l at to Uw bighoet bidder, i DfOooaaloA B in iliu vulnge of Delhi,intíie ooanty ofWaéhtenaw, .it1, jn Bataiday, theraenteenfhda7of June, a. d. lv. i. if fcen o'elock in the forenoon of ü; u ;:;.■■■ :n .il eneiunbrADAea by morteoge or otberwiae ■. .uit uso subject to the tight oí' dower oi :). ■ Norman f. Cioodalo, therein) the foUowing doacribed reai ■ ■-,.,-: ■ ':■ ;■ : : ;.-'l half of lots nine and ten, in block nine, in tl Delhi, in Baid coimty, aom il plat of ï:.iil viliage. ;, April 26th, . D. 1871, EDWABD I.. BOTDEN, 1320 Guardian. Coiiiiiii.ssionors' Xoticc. OTATE OF MICHIGAN. Cpnnty "f Waahtemaw, u. The undexaigned haviag been sppointed bythe Probate Coart lor s;"l County. Commimioner to recrivc, ux-iinin-.1 and adjnftt '11 elaimsanddenumdsof ill persons it-iiinst tlie estáte of John M. Cuminga, late oí Midi imi.iy. deeeaaed, bereby give noüce that aix month from date are atknrod,by rder of aid Probate Court, for cxeditonto preaenl their cbiims againsl the catate ol - . . i l deoeand, and that they will incctnt the office of George W. Tmnluill, in the vii: Chekea, in uid County, uu Batorday, the twentyfonrthday of June, anl Monday, tin; twenty-thiid (liy ol Ootobst ii. xi . ar In o'clook A. Mv "f each said days, tu i ai - . ■ zamine, and adjuat eaid claims. :. Lpril lid, A. D.187J. i:Jlüw4 WtliLlAM H. CALKINS, I cvimmissioners Commissionci-s' Notice. c_TATE OF MICHIGAN, Connty of Waahtenaw, ss: n The nuilersigned havlng beon appointid by the Probate Conrt l'nr said county, Conuniaaonen to receive, examine and adjnst all claims and iVmauds of uil pei-Bons ngaiust tlio wtate of CaUrta Ellis, late of aaid euunty, deeeaaed, hereby xive uoticc that six months from date nrc nllowed, by order ot aaid Probate Court, foi' creditora to present theil elaima against the aatate of aoid deceoaed, and that tb-y will meet ut the office of W. Irving Teekley, in the villa; tut' Uawsolivillo, in said county, on Satimlay, the twenty-tomili day óf Jum, and Wedneedaj the twentytfltii day of Oetober nezt, ut ten uVlik a. m., of ench of suid dys, to receive, BTamlnfi, and mljust saiil cluinis. Dated, April Mth, 1S71. aÏNFOED MANNING, ) l-ommi.ionera. 4wl3l9 Moitgage Sale. DEFAXTLT having been made in tbc condiüona of neertnin mortgoge, executil by .Tlm 1)' Wolf, nnd Caroline D'Wolf.of the townahip of Freedom, waahtenaw Connty, Miohigan, to Jolm Jacob Fiegel, of the ■ame píaos, bearing date theelghth day of July A. 1). 1870, and reoorded in the Beguter'a omo9 for the aaid County of Va!iti-nuv, 'on the cighth dny of July, A. I). 187U, in liber 41 of UOrtgOgeS, on pre HöO, O) wagon of which default thciv ii now doe and to beeo: e duc upon said mortgac the yuni of six hundreilnnt1 aeventy-four doilars and llfty-two cents, and no suit or ug at lawor in chunci ry liavinir beenisstdtutr-l t ii.ii' nid amonntt or any part tlu-icof; Notiee isthi rafon hereby given, thal on Batnrday, the twenty aeeond day of Jnly, A. I). 1871, nt eleven o'cloek A.'M., of the aaid day at the front duur of tlie Court House, in the city of Ann Aibor.insaidCountji of Waahtenaw, the aame being the place where the Circuit Court for aaid connty fi held), I hall sell nt public anetion t tlie higheet bidder the premisos liereInaftei deaoribed, ra ao mnoh thenof aa ahallbe neosasary to il isly the ami '"t dne on aaid mortgage ut the dato of tbis nol i' c witb. interest and costa and expenses altowed by law, together witb an Attomey'a fee of thirty dolían, provided for in said mortgage that is to say au tliat oertain tract or paroel ut' land sUnatao i the townahip of Fïb lom, County of Waahtenaw, and et' .Michigan, knuwn and desoribed as eact half of tin: quarter of tbc north vost ouan t,-r of eotion iiunihcr twelve, in townahip number thiee aoath of range nomber foor eaat, in the district of land subject to sale at Detroit, Michiguu, r.mtaiuin;; twenty ai res moxe r leaa. Ann Aibor, April 24, W71. JDJLX JAC'OU FIEGEL, Mortgagec. D. CiiAMcn, Attormy fur Mortgagec. 131'Jtd Mortgago Sale. DF.FAULT haring been made in tho condition of a oertain mortgage exetutad by Norman Batea, of tho townaMp ot' BBaron, eounty of Waahtenair, and Ettateoi hiionigaik to QoseaSaton, of aaid eounty of VTashtenaw, on flrst day of Jannary, A. D. 1868. and teeorded in thc Eegiirter'a office of said eounty of Washtanaw, on üw umth day of June, A. 1). 18M, in liber 37 of mortgnges, ut paf,i 21, on which mortgage and note iccnmpanyiuí? the same theve is now claimed to Ikï dne and to beoome dne ut date "f öns notioe, suin of eight hundred and Beventy-three and 60-100 dolían, atoo an Attomoy'í fee of ten dollars provided fur in said moi lr:.iiJ'-, and no proceedinps at law or in equity liuving been had to ï-ecover tlie öuid amouut or uny part tlieroof ; Now, tliercfore, notice is hereby giren, tliat by virtue of the power of salo in said mortgage oontained, I sball aell at public .iiiction, to tbc hiirhest bidder, on Baturdny, the flrst dny of July next, at 11 o'elock in the forenoon t aid day, nt south door oí' ene Cour! ItoiiBO, in the city of Ann Arbor, in said county, Uutt being the place of holding the circuit Court for aaid county, all thut oertain traot. or iwrcclof bind Bitaated in the townahip of sharon aforeaaid, known and desoribed aa foUowa, to-wit : the west one-halfof theaoQtheaat quaxter, and tiu weel one-half i' ■ 1 - aast half of the aouthéast quarter "f aeotion b township three south of range three aast, in thi nf Mi.'bi-Mii, ■ hnndied and twenty asna more or less. April itb, 1871. HOSBA i', LTO1T, rvi ■ I). Cn.niEit, Att'y. tot M IÍÍ8 PÏIVSIdlARS' PBESCRIPTIMV AOIM'KATKl.V AN1' CARBFOLLY PREPABED BY . n. w.ellis d co.,vncraaLsis. Mort.gage Sale. Di'.l'A ,'l' ba ri ' b bti ■'■■■ '■■■■ "■■■■ con ] tfoD of a certuin mi ■ ■ ■ hai lea ■'■ni (er and Bmestiius bis wn?e, of the city of Ano Aii-or, in Wiflitciifiw oounty ana Btate of Michigan, t ■ Alpho u ' ETelch, of the same place) oo the th day -r 1800, and rocorded lo che office of Register of Deede for aafd cotinty of Waabtanaw, on tra Sist day of M.-.y, a. d. ISO), ut 8K o'clock a. in libcr 26 of : y iil Alpheua l''Lloh4Pitu--ítiiio Bentler, of the of Aun Arbor, aXdnKld, the 22d dayox April, 4. d. 1869, Erad recorded Ín fche office oi i' oí t'.r saíd apuntyof ffTaehteiiRW, on the 28th day of Jnly, a. d.#b&), at8}oQlook, inlitx mente of moitgagee on page25ü. by the said Erneetine Beutler t Augúfctaa DViden u: ■mu, of the said dty of Au ArVor, on thc KJth day of .M-ú'h, a. r. 170, iffaloh :i-iiriimcnt is record I lo office of Baid county, in líber ;i of aasigntifi-ut of mortgagei , on claimed to be due At the bereed ,),■ som of two hundrí 'i and i ro dollen Knd 78 a nte, ateo the - -, sbould any proa bo had to f oro e ; and no bou or proeeeuíns ;it líiw oí ín oquity Imving been had to reoovoi the morí ■ nny nart then of : a hereby giren thal by virtue of the n sale in Baid raortpiíge contained, I símil apU al public auction, to the lugheat bidder, on th 24tn day of Juno, a. i). 187!, ut two o'clock in the afternooh of that day, .it the front door of the Court House in the ;ül city "Cí Ann Arbor, in thecounty of Waahtona and state oï Mifliiiiüii. uwprannaea deaoribed in iii mor tgage aa aM those certnin traeta or paréela of land dwwiïwu aa ulowv, to wit: thc nortb part of lt number thxee, ha blooknuinbar flve,boingaetnp of aaid ]t, ino rod vide on the north end of the aaine, and running ■ m ea ' 1 ireal : alm the south part of l"i Qumbor t wo, ín Mme block, bonnded aa folUnvs, t o it : on the north by a line ooms Ui theeaai line of 8] i tl thodistanceoj : i1 :, :.; the Dorthweal cora i ! aaidlof nomber two, and running thence eoat said l"i töa poini Intheeasi line of xaid lot. at the dfatanee oi 10 ti i front the northeaat oorni r of sald lot numbet two, thunce running sontherly by eaat liitc ui saidlot ■ -t corner theteuf, thunoeweat bytiie south line of aoid lot to Spring street, tí nee north by luir of baid lol t' tlie place of I ■ ■ame being ñtuated In thaf pnrl of boí Arbor known eu Feloha adaition, a pial ol whfehfa .of tl B ■.-.■' oouni y. in Líber is of deeda, n paso 140, nnd the unid ure hcreby oonv ■ ?iii jeet to ill risita and priTÜegcs which belong to the ptoprfctoxa of the mili I ich runs along the cast boracr of raid premiaea. Dnted, Uaroh 22d, 1871. 1315 A. "WiDKXMAXX, Aadgnee. Foreolosure of Mortgage. DEFATJ LT haring boen made in Üm payment i f the suma of QKn jr, with teu por cent intercal thcre on, seeared by the inortgage axecntud by Jobamui oChaunceyH. M;i]'ii, beuring date the oineteenth ny of April, a. d. IM0, and recorded May 8d, a. d. 1S.VJ, in tno otücc of Resiater of Deeda of the tsountrof Waahtenaw, In the Btate oi' Slichi Uber No. 16 oi mortyagea. al pagi 608, and aan Elonorah alone, s ptember 23, a. i. 1862. by deed of ■ ■■ii' recoxdeQ in aaid Registei's office, in raid (MM. "]i the -' ■ Krch, A. by which aefanlt the power of sale contnini l in said Eoorqjage became oporative, and do soit or inbATing beon inotiuted at la w to recorer the .- ' nred by snob morteugo, or any part thereof, and thosnm of two hnndred and fourdollan and Boventy-eMfht centa being now claimed to , : Kotioe Ea thorefore hereby gireo thoi laid -■ win be Um oloeed by the sale of the mortgag ed prenuaca known and deaoribed ;.s being in Brown & i'uii-rs additioB to iii'1 rfllage now city of Ann Ar the county of Waantezuiw, in the Si -i, and commeneing in the northerly Inicof .y, eighteen feet two and two titih biehea Bouthweatérly from the corner of Brown vb Broadway, and running thenoe northeriy and parallel witli Brown Btoeet, fortynine feeti theiice sonthorly and ponülel with Bxoadway nioet4 n feel and a half, thenoe Boutheaaterly and parallel with Brownatreef Forty nine fcot to Bcoodway, thQnce on tho lint of Broadway to the plae ü o the ondituüf of iln.1 foUowing deecril ed land: Com. In the lonthweBterly line of Brown foTty-nJne fcot northerly from the comer of Broadway and Drown snc.t, and running thenoe northorly on thulincof Brown streel eiglito o feet,thenoe southerly at rïght anglea wil ii Brown street llfty-seTen fect ; i two üitlis ti land formeny owned by muil, thenoe eastorly and paraUel to the firet mentioncd line and ith' fine eiffhti thenw northerly at right anglea and parulle] with Üie ■ei ond lino u llin ploos af beajnnlngi it pulilir auciion ! venduo, ui the Couri oouse, In toe city of Ann . in said county, on Baturday, tlie first day of July netst, al noon, QOKOEAH MORSE, Asiiec. Dated, 3Lnrch27, a. i. 1871. ::. v. UEoBOAjr, Att'y. 1315 Mortgagfl 8alo, DEFAULT having btcn made in the condition of a certain morl ge, executed by Joanna O'Hara, of tlie City of Aon Arbor, founty of Waahtenaw, to Andrew J. Shirely, of tte City of New York, on the nineteentfa dny of brnofy, A. I). luim, and reeorded on the day, in libez 3o of mortgnges, on paffe 216, at S p. h. of aaw day, on whiefa mortgage and bond Rjwnnpnnyinff tho aoioe, there ia t-i-iinuid to be dne at the date of tLnoticef theaumof'three Imndrcd and six dollars and twenty-tive cc-nt-s, also au Attornoy's fue of thirty dollora abould any prooeediiMthbe taken to o the same, and no prooeedinga n Law oreqnity hafing beon Imd to neorer tlie dcLt or any paai thereof ; Notice ia hereby givon, fhat by vixtue of the ixuwr oi aale in aaid mortenge contained, J BnaU seS m pubÜcauction, to the higheat bidder, on Batuixlay, the tonthday of Onnonext, at 2 o'clock in tho afternoon of s:iid day, at the Couii llouso, ïn thuCity of Ann Arbor, in Baid County, that Im'íiií: thc place of holding the)pirouij Couri for aaid i'ounty of Waahtenaw, bJj thoee certain pieoea or poroob of land ñtuateinthe townahipof Ann Arbor, Oountyof Waahtenaw aforesaid, known, bounded nnd doaonbed as follow, to-wit : being all that part of the wc&t half of thc northcast qur.rter of aeouon nnmber nfne ■-') oaat of thc toad oroaaing the northwest corner thèróof; also all that pari of the east half of the aoQthweet qnarter of shm! st'ction lyinji east ti' said rood not heretofore dceded to Daniel O'Harn ; all in township number two south of ranse number i t; aast. uaroh 1 th, 1871. . ANDEEW J. BHTVEIT, Mortgagec. JoiIX X. fiOTT, Attomey lor UortgQgee. 11-1 Chanccry Notice. OTATE OF MHIIIfiAX, tho Circuit Court for th.; v3 County ui U'aslHcnuw, Ín ('hancery. MAUT M. BAVAGE, Complainimt, ) vs. Al '■' STU8 M. SAVAGE, Defendont. ] It aatísfaotorüy appearing to thia Court by affidnvit taal the defendant, Auguataa lL. Bavage, i a non-reeidtfiit of this 6tate, on motion of Felofa - inmt, BoBoitors for coniplainant, it is ordend that the said dcfendani oaoae hia appearance to bc entured withiu two months from the date of this order, and tluit in case of bis appoarance liu cause liis an.-wer to the complainant's bill to be ftled and a copy thereof to be served on thr eomplamant'a Soliciton withïn fcwenty doya aftei service of a copy of said 111 of eoiuplaint and notice of tin order, and indefaoU tnereof tliat the said bil] be taken aa oonfeased by the said dofciulont: And it is further ordezed that within twenty dayatheaaid oonkplftinant osuae a oopy of thi.s order to be pnbuahed in tino Michigan Argu$t a newapopej; printed in said coonty of waahtenaw, and Uuu the pubUeation continue -it loost once ;i week for six weeks ancoaaafTCly, or that he cause a coiy of this order to be personnliy served n Ene aaid oefendant, accoitüng to thc rules and prootice of Uus "ourt. Uatcd, April Üth, 1871. li. BEAHAN, Circuit. Court Commissioner, Waahtensw County, ZVliehrFELCa & (JltANT, Complainant'a Solicitors. 131fiw6 Chancery Xotice. PURSUANT tu imdby virfcof a decrec of the Clrcolt Coort for the Coanty of Washtensw, in chancery, made on ihe SSd cay f September, IS'O, ín a thereln pacdlng w tíc rein Charlea Brooka aegaardian of Mm: Buil Dearboru, nn Infast, is comphunant, and laaiah AI n.rwood is tleieudant ; Notico is hereby" gtven.that I hall il n vcniltie, to the higheat lvdder. at onc o'clock in tlie afternoo'i, On the Stth fl-y f May, ISTl. rt the front or souttidoor of the Court House, in the dty of Ann rbor, all that rtftiü triut or parcel of lam! and prenMees known and descrlbed as foïlows : Beginnlbg it bc soothwest corno? oí sectlon twen ty-seveniromt henee ronnlng eat on h o? a milc,thence north forty rods. Trom thencc veat to thecentcrof ihe public highway aitnate n r the wett line of section Lweu'y-íícvcü, t nee south along the center of aaid highWay to the pla of beginning oontainlng fbrty aerea :iu. corles, and being ajDftrt of aection -vi'n in the towashipof lMttsiU'.ld in ihe County of Washtenaw, aud siute of Michigan. Datud, AprU 13th,18Tl. R BEAHAN, A Circnit Court Couimiseiouer for Wn'hteuaw County, Mich. E. B. Woon. CumplAinant'a Solicïtor. 131T Real Estáte for Sale. VÉTATE OF MICHIGAN, County of Wnah tena w, aa, ti In the matter of the estáte of Albert Bterena, dcocftood- Notice ' hereby giren, that in purauanoe 't1 order granted io the underaigned, Adnunistmtor tate Boid deceaeed. by tue Hou. Tndge of Piobatei tor the county of Waabtena-Wi on the sevent enth day of April, A. 1. 1871. thcro will be aoM at , to the higheat bidder, in fitint of the Clifton Houae hotel, in the viUagaox Whitmov ■unty of WashtenftWi in said State, on Batur doy, the thinl day uf June, A. V. 1S71, ut flcvrli o'i-ltuk in the forenoon of tlutt lay (subjoct to all enffnmbrncep by inortgaaaor otnarinaa existing at the tin. e of the ilrath of aid deoeaaod, and uLso subject to tho rifrht of dowi r 4f liis widow tluTein;, the foUOwing 1 : . to-wit : A parcel of land beginning four chainfl and tweaty-fire links south of thc qnarter] .-t between aectionB fi vo and six, in town Bhip one'houth of ran-e six east, in said Btate, running thence noith eiprhty six and a half degzoea eaal twelre chains and atny-eight links, thenoe south nine deneeattast two cliaiius then- nty-flve and a half degreea west three ohaina and Beventy-eer d Üience suittli eiiihty-six and a half degreesw chains and thirty-two links to the seetion line di tw seotiona flve and six, thencc north two degrai alons aaid aection line iwo chains and uventy links to thu place of beginnfaagiOOntainingtiiree aerea, onequartor of an aan and Bjctteen roda of land, be the same nioi-e or k-ss; also one othCX pamal of land in said town nnd range) dsasribed uooounenoing in thecenterofthe bjghway, on tha waal ilde oi Whitmore Lake, al the northeaal comes i a pieos of land heretofove deeded by AVilliain Jay to Joel TV. Hall, thencc Kouthe ïy along tbo oBntax af aaid hisdiway tourteen DCeweaterly about t" hunared teei tothc aiiu'l'-1 in eaïd HalTe nortíi line and to n atake, thenoe eaatsdy along aaid BaWa noxth Une to the center of thc hJghway and place ofbeginning; aho all that part of the aouthweai cuartear of the northwest qnarter of Baid section live, same feownahip and range, which lies cast of the center of the hteaway yipfrg DorÜi and aouth on the weal bank of Wnitmore Loke, ; i fore 'ï' cded bj bi ■ 1 Albert Btovena uud wil'e. latl. April 17th, A. D. 1871. HKNRY FBAUCE, 1318 Adminütrator. Real Estato for Sale. OTATE OF M ECHIGAN, founty of Waabtenaw, as. O ta the mfttter of the eème of Henry Bower, deooainfl CTotaoe la hanby grran, that in punoanca ol an order grantod to the underauned, Aaminiatratriai ed, by the Jlun. Jtidgeof Probato, for tho county t waahtenaw, on the aixtoonth day of January, A. I . 1 :7 1 . thora will i sold ; publio vendue, to the higheel bidder, at the aouth . the city of Ana Arbor, in thecounty of Waahtefua) in said state, on Wednea'i ntb dov of June, A. D. 187JL M kan o'clock in tne forenoon of that day subject to dl encumbranïijjrLfUK' time of the deatb cf said dm-asil, and aljafJBi't t (lic ii::hi ol dower of bia widow ilieiviniTaWoUuwiii , to-wit: -Vil that paxik j)f lot eight, in blook one north of lluron streot ml range thvee, aooordiog to the rawwdiHl plat of the i Dlage (now cit;-; of Ann Arbor, beginning on U the nortneaat corner of anidlot, tSenoe south on tibe Uno of M:iin-ti.r! trwenty-one ftot) thence weal tothe ;ii;. y ín tbe i .'i oi sai i lot, thence oorth to th'1 north Une of aaid lot, thonoo eaal to the plaee of beginning, with the brioh atoreetondin Eng in said city (t Ann Arbor, county au I aio. Duted, April lttth, A. 1. L87L MAKÜAKLTT ff. BCVU'Klï, 131% AdmiuiatTatiir. ''"'■' ■ lili I ■ Iluta- Sheriirs Bale. n nndertheïïal oflhe ircrft Tnnil ty ol Wmbtntvr, a.Hl sute „r Mfchil 'th'C2 J date the thirtieth dy ol December A n ; bv3 10 i llreáed nnfl delWered, I. n'm.i. 8fr-3 ie tbfitl.:tli !n of December. A I) i lt?n ', i. J K and telze all the rltlit, tltle. ni.d im,ri'73 ol OTconnor, Ín and lotha followlDi dJl"S and prcmtoes to wit: Thewest y, (hall, „íri ■qonrttr) ofect ion ñf Icen asdthe "i Kfqilarurj of tte DOKheaal ! fquarterioffiN (tn-.uty-twoj, tnwn pi.tuh, ranee ií . V ', Cotmlj pf w andVBUte f Hirht,." M pretenee o tbe defondant'í inU-rent Ihoríi "'' ezpote foreale, ni ixiblicauctlon, uthelT al thc sonth door,f the Conrt Hotue lniiT Ann Arhor, tbatbcini; tlic place for hou'"'' Circuit Conrt for tbe County m W.,h '"' Saturdny tlic twenty-eeventh duy of u, " tWMfl, Aun Arlior", AviUMh.lMl 1817 ByTuoiose Keal Estáte for SaleT ! STATE OF Jl I3HIGAN, oounty of Wad,, In the matter of the cetSteóf Vlam v" cau-ed. Notiee ia bcreby uiven, that in t,"'1 an order granted to the onderaiinied, i.dini!? ' tfceeatatcof snid deectwed, by the Hoi jïï?1"] bate for tho cV.unry of Waabtenaw, n' tÜT" d..y of Murch, A. I). 1S7K there ill ba u v.niliu-, to the highett bidder, ut tl,. dw,. Wfc oti : hu preuiiw ■ lierciliafter (lia.n-il. i„ ,i' 'f Wannteutw, in sttiü state, Ota i-in..ü. v?)i dayof May.A. I). I ""-N i„ t 1 i-i to irtl nTiraVhbraSJi1 I "i uthenvine cxistniK at the tihie of tl?? . .ui.! ulraauiiji cl totht ii-'l,triï? 1 bis widow thcrein; the foUowiiifr diwribnl iLi to-wit : lieiiuj a i oí the Bouthwcsi riu.iïï1; ' aouthwest quarrer ut pcction twenty-eicht it,?"! three aouth of range fcur eaat, in aaid st'tÏSW I asfoUows: cominenciug aoven rods northofiiyJSÖ ' twt corner of the soutnwcsi quarterof the inlf qnarterol said section, thencc north fortiS? thence w1 tenroda, theiiceaouth limy.'k'lV thpnot wc.-t ninc nis, thence sourh ninn thence eaat uiuetetu rods, lo the place of böL1 containiDg Ilirue acres auil onv humirnl mïïS roda of land, with JwelliiiK liouse tbenon 9 Dated, March 20th. A. Jj. i;i JOHM QOKTZ, Ali„mhwt Reitl Estat for Salc. QTATEOFMICHIGAK.connty of Wort,-, 11 In tbe nmtler of theestate of Ik-nry (i,i'ï ceiiuHl. Noticeia hereby oven, tli.u in r.ur.i, ' :m onl. i grantod to th andentened, iMlirmm, t" t!,e eetate 't ;n, doceiucd, by Bon hrdi.„?ii bate tor the eunty of Washtenaw, iSfcïï id doy ol Murch, A. 1). 1871, there vU t-ïï1' public veiidue, to the lii'.-lut bidder, ut the dME? houae on the premiiea hereiiuifter dorriM ? county of Waautenaw in wúl Htate on Veii'J! the oi Muy. A. 1). 1871, at tcnoHjJn: Carcnoonoj that day (rabject to uil eiirumW!, mortgaae or otherwiae ezUtinK at the timetfí dentb ol Kiiil deceaacd, and ulso subject t tw hk of ui widow therein] tbe followini[l)JE5' Uitc, to-wit : coiDmencing in the eentcf oni atrect, in the vüJage oí Chelsea', six chiiiiu maik? onc links som li from the north line nf aectioo 2' townahip two Boath ,ii' range three eaat, ana n,!í? thunce e;l8t twolve clutins mul nin.ty-inieljnkatol Tftylor'í une, thence sooth :i1diil-' said 'ryiw? .evun chaina more or U's to CeJena f min,', Z thence :,nüi eighty-eeTen degreea west ninc J? and eighty-two links, tbeaee north fire AíímS forty-two linka, thence west three ehiu 2 twelve link tu the center of the higlnray, tlim,! along the center of the bighway two tóubsuaín! linka to the place of beginnrng, excenUng otttm iii(f a trip of lund onc nul one-lmif ruds wifriw the northêaat corner and running wcat on tlntaT? Joining John M. Utt's land fortv redi, fa ï uae of sairt described liiiids, umi Kiid JolmM Z' or th'ir socoeMonf. u a Laae, Datod, March Md, A. 1). 1871. 1314 U1IAUI-KSH. KKMPF.Adnihmtm, Estáte of Allen W. Bordiñe? OTATE OF MICUKiAX, Counlyof 'W',tiM, . 0 Ar i Nssion of the l'robate Coort for üiv (u. of Wwhtenaw, holden at tlie 1'ioVatc Otho?, i,. City ot Ann Arlwr, on Fridfty, the tvcnty-eigktkJ01 April, in the fear ue thoumiud eight tuniiijt; Hcrenty-one. Ptesent Hfram J. Bcakes, Judgeof Probatf. In the matter of the Kstute of Allen W. Bortj. deceaei i. On rendürg and filinthe pctitinn, dnrr TerifiHLif Normuil bctdiHe, prayirig tluvt (Jeuïge W. Uurtat m:iy be appointed Ailminitr;i;or ol tttate 4. snij dti Thereupon it i-s ordered, That, tbetiotr. ninth doy óf May next, at tei o'eWk m t L uooii, bc rmigned for the hearing of smid r-liiiM,tti the heixa ;it law of said dece:isetl, and all & penonfl intereíted ii; s:iid estáte, are rixnimdtonno tt u sceaion of acid Court, then tolboldn,h l'iol.atr Office, in flic ty of Ann Artor, and, . if aoy thera )■, why tliü nriyerof the peüiMv r.invi!.! nol begranted : And it is fiirthttonicred,4 said ]"■' Ltioner .u'ivr notíce to the ijernons intereaifrin pendency of s;üd jieiition, ndtke hearing tbevoaf, by eansing a copy of tina order ttk pubüsni it in tïi,1 Michtga Arffut, a ncwspiiper ynvn and in said euniity, three suctvsuvewerti UL to BMld day ol ltcaiinu. (Atniucopy.) ' Ü11ÍA3IJ. BEAKEÍ Jiidije of 1-ioUit Estáte of Leander LeBaron. CTATK 01' HrCIlKiAN, County of W.htMw,„. O A.t p seañon oi theProbato Court for theCwuiT of Wnahtonaw, holden t the Probate OKct.iitW City oi Arm Arbor, on Friday, the twentTjith dny of April, in the year one thouaand cight Ihbdied and seventy-one. nt, liivHiu J. Bcakes, Judge of Proíiatí. In the nutter of the estáte of Iennder IBnoo, daoeaaod. On reading nnd üling thc pelition, dulr Tri8eJ,it 8ally LoBaron, nrajnig that aoine suitnbliT5oannT be appointed Aaminlstrator of the eotatc ai ál iiosnscd. Thexeupon ft is ordered, tbat IItnd:iv, tlieiiwrninth day of Mny u,-xt. tot ten (i'cloefc inVtK niHin, aaedgnea t"r the henrinr of snid fctite, and that h-iis ;it htw of said deceawd, and wücifc! in s:ml estáte, are reiioirwiteifl:.:ir ;tt n Beasion u! -;tii! Court. tlicn to lc the Probate. Office, in thc City of Ann Artor, ui show euuae. if any therc be, -why the praycr Í !b peiitionev sliould nnt be granted: Anditisfunkt or.lercsl, that s;iid petítionei gire not totlie perra lnteresterl in said estáte, of the pendener of MiKÏprtition, and the hearing thefcof, by causinL n cnpy U tliis onler to m puboahed in the MicUgtm Arjtt, i nenrapepor printed and ciiculatini; in ssid Cooatr, Lve w eeka previoiu to Jal duy of heariM. (Atrneeopy.) aXRAM J. BEAKK, 1311 fodte of lrobtf. Estáte of Jolin C. Burkhardt, Senior. STATE OT MICHIGAN.County of WMbtenaw,, At a w-ssion ot thc Probate Court for the Cnorf W Wiuhtciiavr, holden at the Probate Office, in the l'itf of Ann Arlxtr, on Tucsdny, the scetmd djiy of Míj in the year onu thoumiud eitfht hundred anti serentjom-. ]'ro.-nt Hu'nni J. lieakes, Judge of I'robate. In the matter ol the estáte of John C Durkluri!, s. nuil, deceaaan. On reading nnd filinji thc petition, dnly veriSed, !Maiy lturkLui'it, prapsg taal Ëmannel ilaimw Romo othcr snitahle panoilj Jnay be appointíd iamiidatratar of thc estnte of said deaeataA Tnerenpon itisordercd, that Monday, tlietmaty ninth day of Muy inat., at ten o'clock in tlieforenu, bu aaaigned for tlie heajing of lid petition, au tliat the heirs at law of said dcoensed, nnd nllouw ïcrsons totexeated in smï estáte, are rtiuired to tfp.-ar:it aaession of said Court, then to behoWroit the Probate Office, mtfceCitj tt Ann Arbor, ru dm . If any there. be, why the nrayer of thc petilicntr sho-.ild not be grantwl : And it is furthcr ordcrtil, 1m aaid petítioDex gjhre notiee to the persons intertstwm said estáte, of the pendvney of smd petition, i tte beorins thereofi by eonaing a eopy of this order to w publiahed in thc Michigan njus, a newspaper, prioiw and eirculutiiiK in said County, three suecewive wet" previoua t;i said day uf hearing. A knweopy.) llIHAM J. BEAKES, 1S30 Judge of 1'roWe. Estáte oí' AVilliaiu D. Holmes. OTATE Oï JIICHIOAX, Countv of AVusliteim. 0 At nxcssionof the Probate CourtfortheCoonrj" V.ishtii:av, liolden at the Probate Office, intleW nt Aim Aroor, on Monday, the aBTeptcentlfc ay j April, in tlie year ona thonsmid sJM hmulredw sevriity-one. lreent, Hirnm ï. HeiJces, Judpe of Proltf. In the matter of thc estáte of V.'ülinm ü. Holmd, deeeaaed. . . . On rcadiiig and filinir the petition, duly tctu, Pandi Holmea. nraying thai and sk'ikt h Holmes in:iy be apiioiutcil adrainistrator of the " tata of sniii deooaaagL . .# Theraapon it is ordered, That Monday, tM teenh day of May next, at ten o'cluek JJ" (brenoon, ba aaaigBMd for luarin of snül PJt and thnt the hiire at law of said flmuSaod, nnd B ,-r paraona inti reated in s;iid estato, are niiuiml .to 'f[ pearat a geatdon Of s:iul Court, then to be huli i róbate Office, in (be City af Ann Arbor, show cause, if any there be, why the prayer of w petitioncr should not be grantad : And it i furw. oidered, that saiil petitioner gire notíce to the Fr interested in said estáte, of the jiendcncy of iK' rS tion, and the hearing thereof, ly causing n copy i" order to le pnUianea in tlie Michigan .iryoj, Pf" piiper printed nd eiroulating in suid Coiintjit successivt' weeks i'iwious te said day of hesinnp. (A truc copy.) U11ÍAM .1. HEAKM, MIS Jndgc of rrolMta Estutc of Siimuul J. Freeman. STATE OF mCBIGAV, Coonty of Washlen. At a eeaskm of the l'r ibate Conrt for the Cowg Of Waabtenaw, Lolden at tne Probate OHire. re 1 if. of Ann Arbor, on Monday, OieaaTenteaataW ApnL i" the year unc thouaaud Clght hundrea ■ scTenty-onc. Pxeaent, ESram J. Beakea, jndge of Probate. In the matter of the catate ol Baarael J.r'ien"' t uid illiam Geer, Exccntor nnd Admiimtrater "T eatate, comes into Court and represent: thnt Df iiow pit l;iv d to ix-nder his iinal account os 81W ' Executor and Aduiinistrator. ,v Thempen it ík ordered, thnt Mondny,the6"" day Of May neit, at ten o'clocï in the {ou-nooli. ' í for i'xaniiniriL' and allowing sueh account, w. that. the logateee, devieeea, and luir at law of " . and all other penonaintereated in said "■ are rwmirod to njipear at a session of wiid Court, i to be holden, at the l'rol.ate Office, in the City of "" AiU-i, in s.iid County, uud how eiiuse, if ny '"Tj be, why the said account enoula not be nl!ow ■ r. it ia turther ordered, that aaM Kxeeutor and Ao!"n'J; trator dto notioe to the penona intereated "■"■ ' tato, of the pendency of aid accennt, and thr m . ing thereof, by oauaing a coiy of thia order toWJJJS Usfied in the Michigan Argvi, a newapaper Tr"Z and nbenlating in said ( ounty, three suceessive " previous to said day of hearing. wrta (A true COpyJ U11W II J. BB K l.ilS Judge of FrobaW. Attachnu'iit Notiee. BY VIUTT'E of OU writ of at tachment taaol' of the Circuit Court in and lor the con") ' Washtenair, the Mhdayof Mar,!,, 1871, ('!mií mandingei and John M. WTagner being P1"11''.,]!. ( wrn i nrinaii. defendant, againat the sttofa, .cn":" moneya, eJWa, landa and tenementa of sant "%j Croman, (ra the mm of ritteen humlred douajl'JJ wïi( of ;illailmient made returnable the ff -J April, 1871, at ten tt'elook, of aaid day, I dul, " liith dny of .Man -h, ls;i, seiao, W ml levy "P" the mtereal that Owen Croman has in the fllU";r5 ,!,■-, ribed rcaleetate, to wit: nllthat plees or PJPÏa land and being in the twwruhfp of "V''?.' oounty of Washtonaw, Btate of tliohigan, kn""ï; ItaUows, t., ttit: tbe non eaat quarter of theaoutheoat .lunrterof ctlon "„ berfitteenin townabip nnmber one sooth ano t_ numberaixea to the original aarTeyv1 land. t, April 16th, .. STTRON WEBB, ShBriftj MH)-wfi. Vy Joans Fobbss, Uunder-l_ jnEOPLE'S. DRUG STOrvrR. W.ELLIS&CO.


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