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How A Clerk Got Promoted

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The Troy timet teil this story of Col. .Tilines II. Hookcr, an eccentric character who (lied in that city some twenty years ngo : "A remarkablc man was Col. Hookor, and very eccontric withal. At times ho would fairly boil over with passion, and was veTy violent, in lus Ojpoooh and action. Yethe wasajust iii:in uftd airculed his fury against he only bolieved to be wrong and rascally. Itisrelated of him tHat . having a disputo tvith ono of his elerks, the latter would not yield th point in issu to him, wheieupon thè Colonel undertook to put his stubborn cmployn out of his fflce. But the clcrk was to" much for tlie irato Colonol, and in tho melee the old man was laid upon his baok, and his countenance rather unpltiasantlj' tapped. Eising from his pnsitto&i hc pfoceeded to waan his battered countonance, brushod his clothca carefCilly, and, seating himself, asked the victonrms olork to come to him and report. Said hc : A pretty tliing you've doiie sir ; got j-oursclf into abad scrapo ; committod MSault and battoxy; ckodyour employer. This shows that there's somc stuft' in foM, miserable sinner; umi now you infernal scamp, I am going to pay you for it. You are dischaged from the you now hold, and to-morrow morning I want you to take a place noxt to me, and hereafter act as my confidcntial clerk, with your sulary incrcased $250. That's all; now go about your business. Tho clerk thus promoted held the confidential position aasigned hint many years during the remainder of the Colonel's lifetimc, and ncver had to whip his employer again to get an advance of salary.


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