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Diet Of The Ancients

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Tho diflaronoe between the diot of tlie ancients and that of ns moderna is vory striking. The nnciont Groeks and , mans usrd 110 aloohoÜC liquor, it beiag nnkiiown to tl:cin ; nor ooffoe, nor toa, nor chocolate, nor BUgar, nor even buttor, for Galen tolls us that hc had never secn terbut once in hislifb. ïlioywore ignorant of tlie gin ator nnmbor of our tropical spices, as dove, nutmeg, niaoo, gingori Jamaica peppcr, curry, pimonto. ïh(;y usud ut'itlier buckwliout nor i'renoh boans, nor spinach, nor safjp, tapioca, arrowroot, nor tlin potáto in ito vanetiea; not even the coimnon, but a sort of marsh-grown bean ; not man y óf ourfruits. as tho oranïe tamarind, nor American muizo. On the contrary, thcy ate substancoa whioh we now noglect, the BtaQow, tha liorb, oxtonguc, the swect acorn, the lupin. ïhey liked tlie flesh of wild osses, logs, the dórmouse, the f.x, and the bear.


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