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The Employment Of Minors

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of the last acts of the Albiiny Legislatura bcforo tlio ndjoivrnmct was the paflfagc of ft law " regulating the employment of minors." It forbids the employmont of iiny minor to learn a trado, excopt under indenturés of apprenticeship exeoutad by his pftrents or logal guardians, binding him to serve tbc master to wLom he is indenturcd not loss tlmn thrce nor mora titan flve yenrs ; these indeoturos to bc cancolcd only by a conrt of justice, upon prosontiition of satisfactory cviilinoc that tho employer has not provjded proper board, clothing and medical attendanco for the apprenticc, or in other waya failing to fulfill his contnvet. If tho apprentico, liowevcr, leavcs his employer bcforo the cancellation or expiration of his indentures, he may be arrested and imprisoncd for any longth of time which the magistrato may tliink proper, or until he has rcached his majority. Tlie last Ki-Klux outrages reportod in Georgia is the case of a ' school teacher who flogged a tender colored pupil of eigbty bccauso he insistcd on holding hiR book wrong end up.


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