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Ann Arboii, Sept. 5, Ï&45. TTie weather is very dry, but otherwiser pleosant and favorable" for business The Wheat market hns improved ir price, and in the amount of sales. Buyers paid yesterday 64 cents, and tliere is adispositicm in the market to ad vanee a linie, O5 cents will be paid to-day.- In Ypsilanti 65 cent have been paid, and Wheat isfirm at thrt price, The Buffalo Pilot of Sept. Í saythat the Flour and Wheat trado was becommg more lirely, Chicago Whear brought 83 cents. Considerable transactions in Flour took place at fröm $3,84 to U3,9ft ín New York, Aug. 27, and Michigan Flour was piirchased as-soon as it arrived at $4,56. Bwyers of Wheat thïs vicinity find a difficulty in procuring funds. We no ticed this week that some of them were paying ot the bilis of the new Ohio banks.Grood Butter is searce. afid is in demand at 125 cents. Potatoes bring 25 cents. LatKR". The Detroit Fröo Press of to-dny. says thnt Flour is quick in that mnrkct nt 3,75, nnd at 75. In BufTalo, Sep. 2. considerable snles wore made nt $4. In NW York, Aug. 30, Gcnesee Flour was held nt $-4,75: Ohio nnd Michigan wm selling for $4,50 to


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