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W. S. & J. W. Maynard

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Read iho frllowintj case of COUGH, nccompnnied with Üaisïng of Blvod, which was cured with one botile of ihe Olasonian. Tlio cure occured this last month. David Henderson. a sea faringman. aged forty years. residing for the present al No. 60Laight street, was seized with a violent eoH on the 4th day of Jaly of the pTesent year. On the 4th lie commenced coughing. It increased unti! toward the last of the month, when he began at intervols to raiae blood. By the lst of August his cough had become so distressing and ihe quantity of blood raised was so great that he became very much weakencd and was obligeá to give up fiis worli. He commenced using various remedies, but their use was attended witb very little effjct. By the middle of September, hc was able to get about, but his cough still continued scvere, ar.d he was bo debilitated that h was unfit for work. He ho wever commenced, hut wns so iroubled with coughing, shortness of breath. and pain in the side and chest, that he wae obliged to ?ive up work entirely. Ho then commenced withsomeof tho most popular remedies of ihe day, but fouud no benefit rom them whatevcr. He cpplied to me for advico obout the 15th-ofNfT3mber. Although, at that time, hissympfoms were iliscouragin? in the extreme, ï put him unJer tfte use of the Olosaonian r AHrlpaürtg Balsanr, nnJby December he was nearly restorcd. Mrs. Archionld, 3$ Wes reet, wns cured of severe Aetbma 6yhalfa bottlc. She had been troubled with that coir.plnii.t for more thnn four vears at iniirvals and could not We down in beï. She had tried mnny remedi.s without any benefit, but tbis gnvd her hnmediaie and permanent .Plirf.Agents, forAnn Arbor.


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