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Tlic Cinoinnati ( ■■ reoognizbo immense labor ita Republioan friends have in hand to get on both aids of' all issues or stecr clearof vital, contefe teel points in their platforms, oommendg tlie following to committees and oonventions ie BOmething liko ainoflol. It s:iys; "TIn' maiii thing is to affircn appxobation of the last and 11k; next war; to praiso (lic President for paying off the national debt oul ofhisown pocket; tb approve of Long Branefa ss-a temporary soat ot' govemment ; denotmee the KuKlux, "iT. tl'. Davis and Bob Toombs; svmpathñe v.-it!) t.he beltfyed Bafey, of San Diiniingo, and ilso with t lic muc&-es] Babcook ■. condole with Billy Al - Garrahan, and losigt upo kaeping his claim alive, as it repreaents a largo bond ded indebtédness ; and fc'ongratulite thd Covington postmaster apon the ability with whicb hehas administeredtheaflairg of tli ; general government in that portion of' his dep irtment kuown as Oliio. - llii.s will bo Strffioient, without any bothoration aboul tariff laws, amnesty fbr rebels, or other immaterial matters. Perhap8 a 9tm worda aboni the enligh poucy pursned toward the red man, and an expression of content with the lnuiiiHation of the British lion, would not be abeolutely irastod : bot further than tliat it would be imprudent to go."


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