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Don Piatt As A Drummer

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Don Piatt, in his last Washington lotter says, 1 went out the other day to purchase gome furnitwro for an ofïioe, and baving selected my artieles, returnod to the man and said : " You advertise in our paper, do you not?" " No sir, we never advertise. " I then quickiy infuruu-d hiin that I neTor bought turniture, and moved to another establishment. You will think 1 am romancing, but precisely the same eonversation occurred at that store. I tried a third, quite a large establishment standing on a corner kept by a Christian (and I propose to advertise him now) of the Mosaic name of Moses - Moses & Sons at that. They had quite an assortment in the upholstery line, and I suggestod advertising to the senior and received in answer that he occupied a corner, very conspicuous corner, and had a large sign upon it that everybody could read from the ■treet, and with that it was unnecessary to go to further expense in any way of advertising. Then I said unto Moses : " Do you know, my Christian friend, that when a man possessed of nioney wishes to furnish a huuse in Washington he goes to Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York and even unto Boston. " " Yes, " he responded, " I know that. " ■ Well, " said I, " do you know the reason for it 'i" " Why of course I do, he replied with much asperity. These people come ere from Boston and other place, and are interested in the inanfactories at home, and of course won't purchase in Washington." ■ Jny unnstian mena, 1 contmued, " you labor under a monstrous delusion. Theso men do not own manufactories of furniture at home, and if they did they would not purchase where they would have to pay heavily for transportation if they knew they could escape such taxes by gotting their i'umituru of you. But they don't know tliut you exist. " They read the papers and they see no mention made of Mosus, unless it be in a Sunday paper, and then the Moses spoken of is a man dead long ago yet, howevor, no deader than you are, come to think of it, a man who does not advertise is as dead as Moses. You say you have a sigu out hore. This is not the sign asked for. Few people 6ee, and those who do ean't rad it. ror one _ian walking down the Street who reads, there are hundreds who hurry hy with no time to read signs ; for ono man who does not notice your abottion in black and white out thore, a newspapcr would take your business to thoueandi. "


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