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How It Happened

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elieiting fucts in tho justices courts in Atlanta, Ehi., scouts to be peculiar. In a receht cftae of afwuult tho plaintin ondea vored to explaih hirtv the thing worked, but could not mooeM ia making tho counsel for tho defense 'tttailef stand it. The story was told over and ovor, unde?cross-exaniination, but tho lawyer Stillprofessed hiinself unsatisfled "I want you," ho said, " to show me how the nssault was committod, so that I may havo a correct undorstanding of it." Tho plaintiff pning tip instantly, seized thfl legal gentleiuan by the coat with both hands, iofsed him back over tl. e lar nd shook hun vicilently, to the amusement of all presétit. Tho attorney, i.s Boon ;ts he could recorer broath onough for talking purpose, remarked that tlio next witnesB uiight be callod. "Wlien a stranger tvoivts me with wnnt öfrespaot," said a ].oor philosopher, "I comfort rayself with tho refleoUon that it is not myself that ho slights, but my old shabby hat and coat, which, to say the truth, have no particular claim to adoration. So, if my hat and coat choose to fret about it, let them, but it is nothmg to mo." One who has roffíctofi a good deal on tho lajiso of nges ijrofers, on the w-holt; the age of soventcen.


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