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IHNUY T. HELMBOLD'S C0MPOUND FLUD E X T K ACT C AT A W A GRAPE PILLS. Component Pari - Fluid F.xU act Rhubarb and i luid Ex rad Calaula Urope Juice. Fom.ivKit'OMPLAisrs .taunimof. hit.tous AKFE' T10NS 81' KDUNBRVOL'SIIKVOACIIK, cnmviryTW f.-, y vcnuTARI.F, C'ONTAININO NO MERCURY. MINERALS, OR DELETEK1OU3 DRÜQS. H These Pilis re the moet delij;utfaMy pnreativc, stiperseding castor oil, snit, maffowla, etc. Therc is nolhing more acccptnble u the stomach. n1liiy ciye tone, and canee neither naaten nor (trip ing huis. Tbej are oompoMd of Uu: flmst Injrredient. After a few day'8 .iso of them. snrh nu lnvii;oration of the entire 9ytem take plaoa :i m appcar miraculou to the wcak and cnervatod, wlielher arisifi'4 frotn imprudence or dist'nse. H. T Hclmboldv Conpi uud Fluid Extract Catnwlia Grnpc l'ills :n-'. imt suj;ftr-coatcd, trom thefact thütgagar coatec Pilis do not rilxsolve. lnt p.iex throogb thé .Icimact without dUHulvinir.roiuH-qiU'ntly do nol nrodnee the rteslred cfTect THE CATAWHA GRAl'E l'II.LS bring pleitHiuit iu taste and odor, do necetHÍitite their brlns sujjar-coatcd. PRICE FIFTY CENTS PEK 1J0X. E HENRY T. HELMBOLD'S IIIGIII.Y CONCENTRATED COMPOUND FLUID EXTHACT AR8APARILLA Will radically extermínate from the lystem Scrnfula Byphills, Kever Sores, Ulcers, Sore Eycs, Soro Leg Sorv Moiith,Sore Head, Bronchitis, Skin Dieenses Snit liii'iui). Canker, Uuijihii-h fnm the Kar White Swellinj;, Tumors, Canccrone Affectionn Nod(ïs. Kickettn, Glandular Swellugs, Nïtfht Sweat Kash.Tetter, Humors of all Klud, ChroDic Khcn iu:iiim, Ilypop8is, and all diecases that have been cstabliehcd lu the systcm fur yeartt. L BEINO PREPARED EXPRF.RSLY FOU TUF AHOVR 00MPJ.AINTS.IT8 BLOOD-PURIPYINQ PRüPERTIKS AREGRKATKRÏHAN ANYOTHE1 PHEPARATION OF SARSAPARILLA. IT C.l Ks TnECOMPI.F.XION A CLRAR ANU II KALT1I1 COLOK AND KESTORE8 THE PATIËNT TO A STATE OF IIKALTII AND PURITY. FOR PURI FYING T1IEBL001), REMOVINQ AI.L ('I1K0NIC CONSTITUÍ IONAL D1SEASHS ARIING FROM AN IMI'URF. STATE OPTHK IH-OOD. ANITIIE ONLY RE1IABLE AND EFFEi'iUAL KNOWN KEMRtlY FOR THE CURE OF PAINS AND 8WELLINU OF THE BONOS, UL0F.RATIONS 0K1HETIIR0ATANU LRGS, BLOTCHB8. PIM I'I.ESON THE FACK, I5RYSIPELAS, AND ALL 8CALY KRl'PTIONS OF THE SKIN. AND BFAU TIFYINQ TUE COJIPLKXION. PHIOK,$1.50 PEIÍ B0T1LE. M IIKMIY T. HKLMBOLD'S CONCENTRATED ' FLUID EXTRACT BUCHU TOK GRKAT HIURETIC, haa cnred evcry case of DIABETKS in which it has been j;I ven. Irrtration of the ueck of the Bladder and intiammationof the Kidnjs and Bladder, llrte litio 11 of Urine, DUeasea of the Prostrate Gland, Stonc in th ïïl adder, Culculus, Gravel, lirick Ouat Dcpotit.andMucuouiior Milky Uiechareg, and for Kcfrcbled and Delicate Cuiistit'-itiuue of both Sexes. attinded with the following symptomB : Loss oi Memory, Difliculty of Broathlng, Indinpoaitiou to Fxcrtion, Loss of P(wcr, weak Nérvea, 'i'rcmbling, Horror ot Dicase. Wakefulnes, Dimnessof Vision, l'aiu in the Back. Hot Uaud, Flunblnof the Body, Dryneea of th1 Skiu Eruptïon of the Face, Palli'd Cnuutcnaoce. Univeraal Lassitude of the Muscular S.vstcm, Etc. Used by persons from the aes of eiíhteen to twenty-five and from thirty-flve to flfty-five or in fhe decline orchaoge of life; aftflt conSuumcnt or labor palne; bedwcttiug iu childreD. HELMBOLTVS EXTRACT BUCHU is Diareticand Blood-Purifying, and cures all Dieeaiics arieiug from Habit of Disslpation, and Kxcesses and Imprndcnce Ín Ufe, Impurlties of the Biood, Etc, HnpcredingCopabia in affectious for which itie uerd, nnd SyphiHtic Aflectionu - in ihese dUcases uat-d incounectlon with Uclmbolde Roye Wasli . LA DIES. In many Affectíons peculiar to Ladics, the Extract Bucbu in uneqnaled oy any othci Remedy - as in Ohlorogis or Retentiun, Irregulariiy, Pnlnfulness or Suppression of Cu" tomar y Kvacuations. l'lcerated or chiruB state of the Uterus, Lencorrham or Whites, Sterility.andfoi all CoraplHints incident to the habita of Üineipation. It is prescribid extenBively by the most eminent Phygiriiins and Mtdwives fr enfeebled and delicate Constitución, ol both Soxe and all Agos Cattendcd with any of the abo vu dieeases or uyniptomfl.J O H. T. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU CURES DIáEASBS ARISINí; FROM IMPR0DENCES, UABITS OF DISSIPATION, ETC, in all tluür stages, at Iittlc expente, Httlo or no chftBge in iliiit, no inconyenienco, and uo expoeure. It canses a irequent desire, and gives strength to Drtnato, thereby removinc obbtructious, Prerentlllg .Stricture of the Uretha, Allayin Pain and lullammation. so frequent in this class of dtseases, and expellinji all Polvofioax matter. ThouKiiuds who have been the victime of incompetent perttous. aud wh" have paid heavy feee to be cured in a hort time, have fotmd they have been deceived.and that tho "Poíbou" hae, by the use or 'powerful astrinents'been dricd np in the cystem to bre.-ik out in a more aggravated furm, aud perhape after Marriae. Une Hclmbold'8 Extract Buchu for all Affections mul DUeases of the Uriuary Or;;ans. wuether existin? in Maie or Peínale, from whatever cause oríLiu atlnir. and no mat ter of ho w long standing. Price, One Dollar and Fifty Cents Per Bottle. L HENRY T. HELMBOLD'S IMPR0VED KOSE WASH cannot be snrpassed as a Face Wash.and will bc tound the oniy specifleremedy in eyery epeciesof Culaneims Affuctlon. It speedily erafilcaten Pimplet, Spots, Scorbutïc Drynesp. Indurtttiona of the Cutaneons Membranc, etc., dispels Rednessand InclpientInflammation,Hivofl,Raih,Moth Patche, JöryneRs of Scalp or Skin, Frot Bit en, and all purposeH for whlch Salves or Ointmentn art tised; restores to the Skin a state of Pttrity and Softut-sn, and insures continued healthy act ion t( the tbuOM of its vessels, on whlch depende the airreeabie clearneKS and vivacity of complexion eo muchouLrhtaud admired. But however valuabl1 a a remefiy fnr flodsttiu defectsof the Skin, II. T. Ilelmbold' Rose Wah has long sustained its principie claira to nnboundcd patronace. by posBessins qualltieH whlch reuder it a TOILET APPENDAClIS of the most Saperlative and Congenial Charactcrcombining In an elegant formóla those prominent requUites . SAFKTY and EFFICACY- the invariable uccompanlmcnts of lu use as a Prcaervative and Utfrenher of the Complexion. It Is au excellent Lotion for diseasCR of a Syphilitic Nature, and as an injectlon for dinenses of the Urlnary Orgiins, arisini: fri-m habiU of di.ssipaiiou. imed In connertion wiih the EXTRACTS BITCHTT, BAKSAPARÏLLA, and CATAWBA QRAPR PILI, in surhdisuasesasrecommonded.cannot be aurpassed. Prlce, Ono Dollar Per Bottle: D Full and expllclt directlon accompany the medicines. Evidence of the most resnonsiblo androliable chararlcr furniKhpd on tppHcatlon. with ImndredBOf thOBM&da of living witnowHfs, and upward of IÏ0.O0O unHolieitod crtidcatPs and reeommi'ndatory letters many of which Are trom the liiirlu'st sottreos. itichulint; eminent Physicians OlefjgyinBII iStatesmmi. te. The proprietor ha never resorted to tbeir publication in tlie newspaper; he does not do this from the Tact that In artif-U-K rank as St.nutl.'ird PraparatlODIi and do not need to be propped up by certificaten. Ilenry'r. ïie]nthold's (enuine Preparatlonsj I)rliv-rodto nny M'ldrt'Ha. Securefrom ohservation V. SI' AHLI-HEI) UPWARD OF TWBNTT TEAKS." Roldbjr Drngelstii erarrwbere. AddrmleHen fnr information. in conndrnrr to IIEMRY T. IIKI.MIKil.l), Driijrclst andChcmlut. OnlrDepoTi: 11 T. Hilmhold'sDruirand ChemIca'WnrchíHise, N 6114 Hroadway. New York .ir toII.T. Hi-lmliolci'sModlcal Depot, 104 South Tcnth Street. Philadelphia, Pa. HKVVARK OF COIJNTERFEITS. Ash for Uenry T. llclmbold's! Takcnoother. 131o 8 i a h fe W L g h s . L % . 3 L 5 a tí S i S 'ñ CQ 1 G U :h B í] á s R :;W -ƒ) fi s fe VÍ1 Íh3 o I "S i H o ui b m „ E tfüoO P 3 5 n o g o U J L ttí 2 Sí P Q s i -I i í H í CAM. ií. íí : e ai (;n KEEPS ON HAND A. LARGE STOOK OH1 OVAL AND SQUARE BLACK WALNUT AND GJLÏ FRAMES ! OF ALL SIZES CHEAP. No. 30 HURÓN ST. Chancery Notice. QT ATE OF MICHIGAN, Fourtb Judicial Circuit : 0 I ii Chancerv. PHLBK rAL.UER, Coraplainnut, THOMAfiW". TALMER, Dcfentlant. j Suit ijendiiijr in the Circuit Oourt for thc county ol Wnííhtcnaw, ín Chanwry : At Aun Arbor, on thc sixth day of June, A. D. 1871. It iitisfíictorily iippcHriiijt bv the afiidavits of Phele I'ahin-r and MyronWcbb, íttetl in this cause, and by the return to tht' rofapoeaa in this cause, that thfl defendant, Thomas W. I'almcr, ia a rusidi-nt of tliis Htato, but that the procesa for bis appcaranoe iasued in this cautie could not be serveii by reaaon of the eaid defendant's abaencü from or tncealitn.'iit witliin thi.s Stato, and by reason of hiu continuad absí;iicc from hA hiAt kuOWn ú:vr OÍ LV-,wi'iKv, m: mu! ion of ilitam J. Beokos, Solicitor for complainant, it is ordered tliut the said defendant appear and anawer the bilí of complaint filod in this cause within three monthífrom the date of this order. And it is furthur ordumi that within twenty daya aftor tho date of tliit order t-he the said comphunant caue a copy of this order to be publishwl in the Michigan Argtts, a newspaper printed in said county of Waahtenaw, and that such publication be coutinued once in each week for bíx wceks in BH006MÍO&, or tht she cause a copy of this order to Ih; served ou said defendant personally, at least twenty days boforr tlio time above preacribed for the appcarance of said defendant. (A true copy.) R. BEAHAN, Circuit Court Ommisi)n(ir, 1525w6 Washtenaw County, Michigan. Sheriff 's Salo. State of Michigan, County of Washtenaw, ss.- By virtue of a write of execuion, insued out of and under the acal of the Circuit Court for tho county of Washtenaw and State of Michigan, dated the ninth ;9th) day of March, A. D. 1871, and to me directed and lelivored, asjainst tho poofls ind chattles, landu and :enementíi of Charles Peach, defendant therein named, 1 did, on the twentieth day of March, A. D. 1H71, for :he want of goodd and cliattles, levy upon the followng real catate: Beginning at a stake in the center of ühe Tjerritorial road, fin the east half of the southwest quarterof section seventíwn (17), in township four (4j Bouth of ranfre (6) six eastT trence north eignty-scven degrees east, ríx chains ; thence north ftfteen minutes west, four chains and eij?lity-rtve links; thence south eighty-soven doírees thirty minutes west, six cliains eleven links; thence south forty-one degrcoR thirty minute east, three cliains ; thenco south eiphty-scven fagfpM thirty minutes weat, four chains forty links tí the pltie1 of bezinning, containing three and seventy-flve one-huudredths nnrea of land : Also a pai-cel f land beginntnR at a stake in the center of the Territorial rond, on the eiwt half of the south went quarter of section (17) seventeon, Ín town (4) south of range (6) east; thence north eighty-seven dejírecB thirty minutes east, four (4) íli.uns lift y linkn; thence 8outh 'orty-one AegMOfl thirty minutes eaat, three chainn; henoe south eighty-seven degree thirty minutes west, hree chains t the place of begiiming ; Alao a piece of ■nd ln:ing in the northwest córner of the west half of he southeast quartor of sec. (17) seventeen, in town■hip (4) four south of raui?e (G) six east, coinmenoinK eight rods east of the northwest corner of said lot, running wet eight rods to the corner of said lot, thence touth ten rods. thence northcasterly to the place of egioning, all the above descriptions supposed to con;am live and one-fourth acres of land : Aluo the south lalf of the west half of the northeast quarter of section {17} seventeen, in township four wouth of range six east, containing forty acres of land, more or Igks ; Also a part of tho nortnwowt quartcr of section (17) seventee-n, town four (4) south of range (fi) eixenst, legiuning at the wouthe;ist corner of aaid quartor seo:Íon seventeen, and i immntr tlienoe north twenty-one chains and soventy-two links, thence west Kixteen ■ti.tins and sixty links, thence south fifty degrees west nine chitins and ñfteen links, to the center of the Salino and Monroo road, thence south thirtyïino and one-fourth degrees east, twenty chains and Yrtty-four links, to the south lino of said quarter section, and thence Oüflt on Raid line ten chains and wvent.y lir.Vs, to the place of beginnin(c, containing forty I0ECS "f land, more or less. Which prcmises I shall exposé for salo at public auction, to tho hightwt bMdor, vt tho south dfor of the Court House iu the City of Ann Albor, in aaid county, on the twenty-second day of July, A.I. 1871, at ten o'clock in tbc forenoon of said day. Dated' June 8th, A. D. 1871. MYltONT WEBB, Sheriff. D. Cramer, rifffa Att'y. tSH. PUYS1CIAM' PRESGRIPTIOHS "I IIJUURATELY AND CAREFULLY PREPABED BY R. W. ELIAS & CO.,DRUOG1S78. Sheriff s Salo QTATE OF MK'HKiAX, eoontj DaVfo. v j By viriuc of 11 writ ot' execution lapned out of ana ni'li i i lie m-hI of the Circuit ('ourt tor the county of Washtcnaw, State ui' Michigan, dufced the twtjiitylOTenth duy of Mnrdi, 10ÏI, umi (o mo (Hrectwl and leliyered, againal the ;,"! mul ohattöla, bvnda and ncmonta of ChrUÜan P. Kapp( defendnnt therein uuned, 1 ilid, 'ín the ttíet doy of June, A. I) 1871, lor tïit w;uit ut poort and ohattola lvy upo ajlLthe Inter:st Umi Chnatian b'. ECanp hos in the fouowifttd scribed pieoi lorponela ot [and, io-wit: All of Iota ix, MT6D and eiirht, m block one, Bxown ft Fullera -Yddition to tho cit y of Aun Ai DOT, !■! lots l. in;; in ïhj ity ot' Aun A rii , eounty i Waahtonaw, mote f Michigan; which premiaea I ahall expone (bréale, ii public auction, to the higheal bidder, at fehe soutta loorof Lhe Court House, in the eity of Ann Arfar, era :ln' 2liLhtluy oL July, 1871, ut 10 o'ctock a. M. of aaid lar. í)atal, June lst, 1871. UYRON WEBB. Sheriff. 1325 Ily Jiïuïin Fonnr, línder-Shonll'. Sheriff'a Bale. STATE OF 1GCHIGAN, County of Wtmhtaamw. Ity virtud of a writ of execution, lamed uut of juid indar theaMlof theCiraoil Couri fox the oounty t" Waahfc n.iw, Btate of Michigan, datod tho twentjílrtit day of Mareh, 1S7I, and to me dlreoted und dclivered, against the gowiU Hnd clmttcls, latida and crn-nionU ot Iiiiin II. Ducho, defendant thereiii ñamad, I did, oikthe third day of June, A. D. Ib; I, tor the want el' gooda and ohattete, svy u]Hin tboM pwrta of lot-s 1 ana 3 tying went oí Detxoil atreet, in bloeit (bur northof Hniun afoeet and runge (8) mx, ittruovtling to the recorded plat of thu villnge (now city) of Aun Arbor, exccp'mtf the northeaal comer, also excepting the north .-:ix roda of the weat aoven roda oi said lot two, said íiíal estáte boing èfttutèd in tli1 city f Aun Arbor, county of Wishtonaw, BtatC t BLkhÍL-an; wbich promiaea I nhaU 'X] e Cor aale at publín anoHon. hthe hifrhoat buMor, at the smith dour of the Court House, in tho city of Ann Arbor, on the twoiity-níth day of July 1871, at tuu u'clock in the foienoon of said d;iy. Duted, Juue3d( 18TI. MYROX "VVKJtli, Sheriff, iri2r By Joutin FóUB, Undur Shenif. Sheriff'a Salo. STATE OF Mlcini.AX, Couiity of Waahtenn-w, w. Uy virtuo of ii writ of BxecutioQ iaw6d out oá and UndOT the s-;a] of til;' 'irruil CoUTt fOT the c...i;i:y of Woahtennw, State of MtMgnn. dati d ihe etehteenth d;iy of Mnrch, 1H71, and bo me din ■■■■! and oolivi i '■'', ;t;jf;iinst the soods and ohnttels, limis and teneinonta ot' Ajnolia S. MoCntd, defendaní therein osmed, Ldldon i enth day ol Uaroh, a. d. 165 L, tor Üw want of gooda and cJinttols, levy upon olí ílic intereat that s. UoCard ba in tlie foUowing de or jKirfí'lf of liiii'l Mína'ed n the Tilinte oi i, coanty of Washtenaw, State oif BÍ .-■i ;l d a ;'o]I')vs, to-wit: Lots No. 1, 2, :í, 1, und 0W] thfrty-nino, in blook Xo. 8 in said villuge of Chelsoii aleo Bonunoncbn} at a pomt two roda i t-t of the northoast ooi nos oí mu i !■; orne Quma i unning aorUi olong the highway threo toda, tlieuce wol sixteen rodA, Uionoe houth to DOsrUuiaal cwraoi 'l -t Sn. 3fi in said Mock No. (( fix. Ihonce uast to tlie place ot begtnning; alsoapiece of land boundetl aa follows, in the iiürlh by the lmst doooríbed pieos of land, south by lot No. thirty-nine, nnd ou the euat by lote No. 1 and 2 in aaid block, vvhich prenuflêa I shalí expone for ule at public auction to the higlicst bidd r, ;tt t!iu Houth door oí' the Court House, in the city of Ann Arbor, on the Ofteonth duy of July, a. i. isti, at 10 . m. of asid day. Datcd, June 1, 1871. MYRON WEBB, BfaeriS. I3'J4td liy Joktin FOBBXAj Ciider-hheiilF. Shcriífs Sale. BY VIHTUB of one execotlon lesned out of and nader the peal of the Circuit Ccnrt íor theCouD tr of Waahtenaw, and ötnte of Michlnn. bearinfE date the ihirtlcth day of December. A D. 1870, and lo me directed and delivered, I, Byron K. I'orter, Sheriff by Tlios.J. Hoskins, Depnty Sheriff, did, on the thlrtieth day of December, A. D. lÏO. lev apon and Beize ill the rljtht litlc. and intt-rest oí Haarlce ÜamiKjr. n and to [lie followiuir descrlbtd-laada and prenüawto wit: Thewestí (half; of tbesoatb 0081 a riniArtfer)ofsfcMonnfteen.nnd the nortliweít Jfquartcfj of tli Dortheast 'i (qnarter) ofsection 22 tweuty twoj, town one sonta, range slx eAjBtt tu the Oonnty of wavhtenaw and 8tat of HIcbtjran, w hlch premiso, or the defondanfa Interwl theroio I tshuli expOM fursale, at public uuction, as Ule luw direct, at the aoatb doornf i oart Uobm In the city ol Ann Arbor, Ihatbein tlie place for holding the Circuit Court for the County f WüthUnnw. on Saturday tlie fifteeuth day of July next, ut two o'clock iu the nfternoon. l;ated, Aun Arbor, May 27th, 1871. lï. R POUTEIï, Sheriff, 13-4 By Tuos J. Uuí-kimb Dfputy Sheiift Draiu Committóiüiier's Xoticc. NüTK'Kiahereby (iven, that tho Droin Comnüa■foner of Wanhtonow County will Im; at the boune of JS. C. Saton, Ín the towoship of Spmlanti, in aaicl county, on the eighth (Hth) day of July, 1871, al o'clook i'. m., tï meet partió to contract fór tho excavutiou nul OOnstrootlon uf a drain to bt known na tho Euton Drain, coiamenniu eighty roda WBBt of tho suuthcurtt. turner of sec. 11 in aaid lown. and running tht-nce ciwtcrly and northcrlv to whot is known ai W'iliow Uun, on landa owned ly Bumpna. I will olso be ut the houe of E. C'. KiUon, on th third (3d) day of July uforesaid, ut wliirh time and placo I will azbibit mapa of tlic ubove pvopoeod drain, and dcsicriptions of the several pareéis of land Aeemëo by me to m benaflted thcruby, ivnd the amount uud dc8cri])tion by dlviajona and ubdivisions of tho above prbposod drain by me upportioncd to the ownera ol eacïi dcscriplion of land to oouatruot, aadtitetOWH hip of Ypnlanii to coimtrucb uu account of tstieh diuin liont,iitin{? highway, and to hcar reasons ii anj areolfi-red, why suofa apportionmeut should bo rcview(?d or corrected, Ann Arbor, Juuc 13th, 1871. DAVID M. FINLEY, 1326 County Drain CominLattioncr. Mortfige Sale. DEFAXTIjT boina; mude in the oondition of a morlguge, exeoated by Gcoi-go Knuffman ind Adam Roabaeh to Jamea McMuhon, dnted Apiil 2!)th, A. D. 1868, and recordtid sanie duy in the llegisterV office oí V7aahtenaw Coanty, In bóok :i7 of mortgiiircs, page 11S, by whieh tlie power of siile therein oontained beCJimc operativo ; whSefa mortgage was on the twenüeth day of Beptamher, 1HH9, aaaigned to Lney W. B. Movgan, a&d the UMsinnient recorded. June 21st, 1871] acros tho reoord of miid inortgagc, and the simt ol suvenl dollars beÜW now chiiriied as du e theiraon and no suit or proceedinp havinfl; bC6a institated tC recover the same, or any part thereof ; Notice is thercfore liereby giren, tlmt said mortgage will be foreclosed by the salo of the mortgaged prenïises, to-wit : " Lot number thirteen, in block number foiT soutli. rango nuuiíxjr two waat, in the city of Ann Arbor and state of Michigan," or some part thereof at public vendue, at the ('ourt House, in said city, oi the twenty-third day of September next, at uoon. Datod, June-22d, 1871. LUCY W. S. MOItGAN, Mortgagoe. E. W. MoRdAN, Att'y. Mortgage Sale. DEFAULT hnving been made in the pnyment ol money with ten per cent interest thereon, ecurec by a ccrlain indenture of mortgngcexecuted by Hiram Storms and Aies E. Storm, both of the city of. Ann Arbor, and State of Michigan, to John A. Kichels, ol the same place, and hearing date the aeventh day o! June, A. D. 1870, and ïvcorded in the office oí the Kugidler of Devda in the county of Waahtonaw, Stnte of Michigan, on the eighth dity oí' June, A. D. 1S70, in liber -lli ol' mortiínes, at paffe -83, by which defuult the power of sale in said mortgage has become operativo, and no snit or proceeding at law or in etiancery having been inatitnted to reooTertheamouni due on said mortgafie, or any part Üiaveof, und (hMini of aOTOB hundn.-d Bad litt.y dollars iHïiug now clainuul to be duc upon said mortgage and the bond iiccoinpunying the saine; EToooe w tuereforo hereby given, that suid mortgage will be foreolosed by a sale of tliu mortgaged {romises, on Öaturday, tlie ninth day of Boptemor, A. I). 1871, at the hour of eleven a. m. of aaid day, at the south door of the Court House, in the. city of Ann Arbor aforesaid, {the same being tho place wherc the ('ircuitt'ourt for said (iounty in held} and that at that time and place i ahall aeu at public auotion, to the hif heat bulder, the premises hereinal'tcr describcd, {being' the said inortgatpttl premwes), or so mucli thereof aa ahall be neoeaaazy to aaottfy the amount due on said mortngc and boud at the date of tliis notice, with interest, and ooaèa and expenaea alliwcd by law, together wiih aa Attornoy'i feu of thirty dollars provided for in said mortguge, that is to suy : all tlioNi? i-i] t.nii piecce or parcela of land rituated in the county of Wa&htenaw and Btate of Michigan, known, bounded and desenbed us follows, to-wit: tjoing the woolen factory in Brown i: FulUr's addition to the viilage of Ann Arbor, in said county Of BTnliiilHIHa II with all the privileges and appurtenancea, including uil the muchinery, appikratus and Bxtona renmiuing theiyon and to boput thereon ; and also the fullowiug deacribed several iwircels of land and privileges and watas iK)wer, to-wit: commencing at the southwesterly boundary of Mili street in suid aoV dition, fifty-üix links southeastfrly from the point where alinc drawn from tlie south corner of block threc in .-ml uddition, aOKHM and at right anales with Mili atretit, will intersect suid boundary, theiice northwoaterly along said boundary three chains and oeventy-seveu links, thence south thirty deyrees west to tho mili race, thence fdown suid race no far that conrso north thirty degrees eost will iutersect the point of beginning, thence to the place of beginning, togethai with all tho priviltiges Of uaiug thsnon stventy-two square incïies of water to bc taken from said race ; also commenoing twelve foet northwesterly from tho northerly corner of tlie rako factory or cabinet shop formerly standing bctwoen the raco and riveronrlnsouthwesterly siue of said mili ruco, thencu up the lino of tho raco fort y feet, thence southwcstcrly at right unirles with the line of the raco to tho river Huïxiii, theuce at riht anglcs down tho river fort y feet, thontv nortlua-stcrly at right angina with tho lino of the raoe to the place of bogimatag. lor the purpose of eruvting a bulk hciul and such other buildintfs os the partirs muy tloct, with the privilege of usin on said land 141 square inthes of water, to be taken from said nee, tOgeUiet with all tlio land and privileges of fviiy nut uro, kind und deaoription, oonveyed by öheldon Tumliuson and Abby H., his wife, to the party of the fixst part, on the 2d day of June, A. D. 1809. Datod, Aun Arbor, June 12th, 1871. JOIIX A. XICnOLS, D. ('hamer, Mortgageo. Att'y. for Mortgageo. 1326 Mortgago Salo. DEFAULT having boen made in the oonditions of u oertnin mortgage executed by William Pomcroy and Charlotte Pomeroy, his wife, both of Ann Arlor, Michigan, to Luthcr E. Allen, of the same place, which mortgage bctini date the titth day of Fcbruary, A. 1). 18C9, and is recorded in the office of the Register of Deeds of the county of "Washtenaw, in libor 41 of mortgages, on page 138, and was nsairned by wiid Ijuther E. illen ïo lïetey L. Fuller, by astñgnment mude ín liber two of ansignment of mortpages, on page 1 -'i, in the office of said Hegistt-r of Deeds. on thettthday of Muivh, A. 1. lötil, and wan further assigned by raid Betsy Li. Fuller to Lucy A. lieunett, by aviiinmcnt recorded in libcrtwoof ussipnnient of mortgaffeji, on pugtk tiW), in the office of said Itefïister of IXaed, , jind by reaou of said default the ïiower of sale in said inortga}iu li;i ma become operative, and t lii-ro 1 ifiiig now claimed to be due und owing on said iuortgugeimd noteaoooiupuuyiiifi the gamo, the sum of six hundrod und eihty-one dollars nnd flffawn cents, alao an Aiimney's fee of twenty dollars, and no suit or prtHHJWÏingat luw or in chancery huving been insi i .1 to recover tho same or any part thereof ; Kotice is therefore hereby giveji, that on featimlny, the ninth day of September, A. D. 1H71, at eleven o'clock a. m. of said day, at the south door of the Court. House, in tbe eity of Ann Arbor, in said county of Waahtenaw (the aame bcing tlic place whurc the Circuit ('ourt for said county is beld),J sludl aafl at public auction, to tlic hiffhcrit hiddcr, the preininea hercinufter de#ieriLod (belng tlio nteaaiaea dflaoribed in said niortgHge) or so niuch thereof a shall bc noecssary to satisfy the amount duo on said mortgngu and note at tlie date of this notice, with interest and costa and expenses allowed by law, lint is to say : uil that pieos of land aituated ii Ann Arbor, m the county of Waahtenaw, doaoribed aa al] that iart of the west half of the noxtheaat rjuartcr of aawJon nuiiilirr niiiftrt.ii [19] in township nunilitr two sontli of mm si vnst, in tho 8tutc of Bfichigan, whioh was deeded by (tirgt; ï. Itili nnü wifö to the partios of tbe iii.-l part in said mortgage by deed made on the tlrst day of Ootobar, A. J), xift and rocordcd in liber number til of detds, for tlie county of "Wnshtenaw, on page 10Í), liftytlin- Aerea more or lees, to which last mentionèd drt'd this adcrtiflement refersfor a further dctít-ríption of said premisos. Datotl, Aun Arbor June 12, 1871. LUCY A. BENNETT, D. Crameb, Aadigace of Mortgaire. Att'y. for aoid Awignec. 2326


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