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A Great Man

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The mun is grfcat, and ho alone, Who serve a gTMinaa not lus own, tor neither nor pelf; Content to know, and bo unknown, "Whole in ljimtK-l!. Stiong i the mau, he ouly strong, To whON wt 11 ordewd will beloujj, 1 orsurvicO and delJght, All pmvi th Umi, dcrtpiLeof wuni, l.-s;ihh.-.h ligiit. And beo ba is, and only he, "Wliu f ruin his lyrant paB.ioos free, JU fortune uiiLliMiiav t-J, Iluih power witlun imiiself to be Hy uimsell obeyed. If such a man thtirc bo, wbereVt Benaath Uw sim and muoii he lare, llu nuuioi fon andai ; Giuat DatuM liutli luui 111 litr care, llfi cause is his. Timeeannot tako him by lUIprlfle : fute caiinut erush hun ; be b&mU rise Btiongcr team orertlirow, "W'liu-se arm u heaveuly triend supplies Against hcaen's lou. The niL-rely (Mt are, all in all, None move thun wlmt th meseiy small Ëeteemed tin-in; nmn'a upiuion Meil er oonfsrr'd por cuu iteail Xhia uiau' dominion. Lord of a lofty üfe is he, Loflily Uvinijf, tlio he be Ullowly binh, tliu' poor, He liit-ks not wealth, nor high dogree Xn state obscure. Tho' Baddened, soil'd not ; bruken not, Tho' burdou'd by his mortal lot To trivi with niorttil sin. And Muld iWity with tean tlie spot Tliut ftinks not in. Yet not with downcast oyes moróse Bint on himsell, uur tu so close ileld to his own heart't culi, But he mvs, and hears and knows, And doth lovo well. Fox though helives aloof f rom ken, The world's unwitnessed denizen, The love wilhin liini Btfra Abrood, and with the hearta of men ilis owu cont'ers. The judge tipon the jiistice seat, The brown-backed beKK11 " lil street, I in spinner in the sun; The retpen raapinc in the wheat, The wau-cliecked nun- Se nuthing human alien doems DntO bim.self, nor discttteeina Maii'smeauet claims ujwn him ; Ai, il when hv luovtö, the mere sunbeams Diup blcssini; ou him.


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