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Good Taste In Dress

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It is mistaken eeonoinv to furbish up a faded articlo because it was once expensive, ior the poor reinnant ot' the past wül alwuys teil its owii story. A neat pretty calicó ur lawu, tastefully made, is i'ar more becoming than taniished tinery, goiled silks or rusty alpacas. Where but few additioiis to a wardrobe can be made, they should be seleetod always to harmonize with th! purse tirst, then thu form, complexión, and whatever elso ia left of the year before, that strikiug contrasta muy be avoided. A . reneb. woman, however poor, has aiw.-ivs the appearance of freshnesa and novelty. If she needs new boots and can have but one pair, although her inolination points to dab or bionze boots, she ohooses black ; as ior ecouoiny and taite combina!, best dress is probably black. Slie needi new gloves, or a parasol or bonnet ribbon ; before purchaeing sh( luoks over her boxes, and iind ■; perhaps hor best neck-tie is pink ; she cannot wear pink gloves nor carry a pink parasol ; tnerefore she wisely decides upon roses for her bonnet, and drab ibbon, drab glove and drab par sol, perhaps brightoned witli i pink lining the rosee and neok-tie freshen admirably the otherwis.' sombre attire, which is an excellent taste. A young lady may think herself very t'ashionably crussed in green gloves, blue bonnet, ana soarlet flovrers, and purplo . becausc each article in itself was eo tly iind wall made ; but instead of being fashionable, it would be in exceedinglv i;:i 1 taste, as, however we may admire the rainbowa of the sky, they are tawdry on the street. American women of tasliion and woalth are now beginning to display gret taste in costumes by dressing in uniform colors, and this requires a givat outiay of money, each suit having corresponding glovea, bonnets, pai eto., furnished by the dressmakers. But with goods so cbeap as to be really bargaine, and fiishion magazines fllled with patterns and good advioe, every facility is given those upon whoin fortune IIM failed to smile, in the way of making Drettv. tasteful and ineipensivo toilets. -


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