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Marriage Maxims

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The following marn&ge maxima are worthy of more than a hasty reftding. Bosbanda need not pass them by, tos they are deaigned forwives; and wives should not despise thcm, for they aro addressed to husbanda The vcry nearest approach to domeatio happLnoss on oarth is the cultivation on both sides of absolute unselfighness, talk at one auothcr, eithoc alono or in company. Xi v.o' both get angry at once. Never spoak loud to one anothor, uniera the house is on fire. Let (ach one strive to yield oftonnst to the wishes of the other. Nevel flnd faalt, unless it is perfectly certein Chat a fault has been committed, and ulways speak lovingly. Never tount witli a past mistako. Neglect the whole world besides, rather than one anothor. Never make a remarle at the expenso of one anothor ; it is meannNover part for a day without loving words to think of during absence. Nevar meet without a lovoly weieome. Never let the sun go down upon any anp;er or grievance. Never lot any fault you have committed go until you havo fraukly confessed it, and nsk forgiveness. Novcr forgot the happincss of early lovo. Never sigh over what might hav bean, but make I he best of what is. Never forget tiiat marriage is ordainod of God, and that his blessings alon! can make it what it should be. Xiver let your hopos stop short of the etornal home.


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