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What Is Man?

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Tho prophet ask , What is man ? Froni a vory materialis o poiut of view, taking tlit! aveiago at fifty yeara ;i;o, a man has slcpt 6,000 days, worked ü.öoo dayB, walked 800 days, amused himself 4,000 days, was eating 1,000 days, and was sick 500 days. In tliis time he haa caten 79,000 pounds of bread, 10,000 pouhásaf meftt, 1,000 pounds of vegetables, egps, andfbli, and drank 7,000 gallons of liqyid namoly, water, cotice, tea, beer, ■ wino. etc.' altogutluT. Xlus would uiaki; a wepeotable lace of 306 feet surfaoe and threa feet deep, on which a small iteambout oould tloat oomfortably. Few men of fifty, probably, havo looked upon thcmsolvos in this Ught bcforc. - Ex. A lecturer who discoursed on "Mand and Matter" threutcned to sur an editor for libel, wbost: types bad accidentally ,,,;.,!., i,ii, oalí it a löoture on " wind and ■." Tho editor' bastón, d to make a correótion, Baying tha( no doubt the leoturer would suooeedin bi action, n the ground that the gtdQAex flw truth ■tbc grouter the libel.


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